MZed – Online Filmmaking School at a Discount

Sitting somewhere between free Youtube video tutorials and tuition for film school, MZed offers online filmmaking courses at a huge discount to what cinematography education would normally cost by traveling to workshops or purchasing online courses.

Davinci Resolve Tutorial Review

What's the best way to learn Davinci Resolve? Watching a tutorial? Reading a book? Or taking an online course? Adam Goldfine reviews MZed's Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve.

BenQ ScreenBar Plus

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus is a little computer light that might completely change how you think about your workspace.

Roland R-07 Audio Recorder Review: A Wireless Treat

The Roland R-07 portable audio recorder rises above most pocket recorders by introducing wireless control and remote headphone monitoring. It's like a pseudo wireless transmitter with a built-in microphone and external mic input.

Phonesoap Go Phone Sanitizer

The Phonesoap Go is the new, battery-powered version of the popular UV phone sanitizer. It's so portable that we end up bringing it everywhere to share with friends, at family get togethers, client meetings, work events, and so on.