Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Announced – SDI Wireless Video Transmitter


Today Hollyland has announced a new addition to their wireless monitoring lineup – here is the press release they’ve sent us.

Hollyland Technology keeps adding new products to their MARS Series. This time, they are announcing their new member, MARS 400S PRO in the series, a 400ft wireless video and audio transmission system with a brand-new transverse design.

From the name, the first question we would all ask is that what are the differences between the MARS 400S and this 400S PRO. Let’s take a quick peek via the comparison chart down below together with the MARS 300 PRO and the MARS X.


Besides the same 400ft range, App monitoring capability, the number of Apps and receivers that can be connected to the system, both SDI and HDMI, and of course the price, we can easily find out the similarities and differences between these two models.

The transverse sleek industrial design is revolutionary to Hollyland product line. With the new design, the system is with a lower gravity center, which means it most likely takes less space on our setup now. Plus the integrated cold shoe on both the transmitter and the receiver, the system provides a much more stable and convenient installation. We no longer have to worry about if the only cold shoe in the default packing should go with the transmitter or the receiver.


The new 400S PRO has 400ft  line of sight (LOS) wireless video and audio transmission with 0.08S lowest achievable latency, slightly lower than the 400S. Similar to other products in the MARS Series, it has eight channels for us to use on set, and there are channel scan and scene modes to avoid interference and to ensure a stable wireless transmission.

Hollyland has finally added a silent mode for the love-hate colling fan. Some of us love having it to cool the system down a bit while some others hate it so much for the fan noise it comes with it. It is not a loud noise that bothers most people but it does create some sound noise for people who are used to setup a microphone next on their camera.

Now we have the option to turn the fan completely Off, switch it to Low Speed, or Auto to let the system decide whether it needs to be cooled down, for different applications and better shooting experiences. When it is on Off, they may get a little bit hot, but as long as the temperature doesn’t bother you, it won’t affect the performance of the system accordng to Hollyland’s test results.

Another new feature Hollyland introduced with their MARS 400S PRO is the direct live stream data feature. Now, with the PRO, video feed straight out of RX will be used for live streaming on OBS, vMix, or VLC on our personal computer without further encryption and decryption via a video capture device.


The new 400S PRO also comes with an  HD Mode under Scene Mode in the settings. The bitrate of the streaming would be raised from 8M bps on MARS 400S to 12M bps to provide a higher definition of monitoring video quality. Now we will be able to see more rich details from the feed on the monitor or mobile devices.

Similar to the MARS 300 PRO, Hollyland has also added the 5~12V Type-C wide voltage charging option to the MARS 400S existing L-series batteries and 6~16V DC powering options. With the type C

The software on the PRO was optimized to accurately understand the current wireless environment and enable us to easily find out the optimal channels for use on both RX and on the HollyView App. The App can also directly upgrade the system, abandon traditional upgrade on the devices. Both the channel scan and firmware upgrade are just a click away. Easy and free of hassle.


These are the key standing out features for the brand-new MARS 400S PRO, and the major differences when comparing to MARS 400S. All in all,  the new 400S PRO is  a very affordable, robust and compact wireless transmitter that we would recommend to all videomakers who is looking for an entry-level wireless video and audio transmission solution.

Hollyland MARS 400S PRO at B&H Photo

About Hollyland Technology

Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co., Ltd., often referred to as Hollyland or Hollyland Technology, is a technology company that focuses on wireless video transmission and wireless intercom solutions. Currently, it has these THREE categories of wireless products,

  1. Prosumer Level – MARS SERIES: MARS X, MARS 400S, MARS 400, MARS 300PRO, and MARS T1000 (Wireless Intercom)
  2. Professional Level – COSMO 600, COSMO 1000PLUS, COSMO 2000, and the brand-new 7-inch 1500 Nit High Brightness Touchscreen Wireless Monitor – COSMO M7
  3. Systems Integration Level – SYSCOM 1000T (Wireless Intercom), SYSCOM 3000, and the new SYSCOM 421, a four-transmitter-single-receiver product.

The company aims to provide all our customers with the most economical and efficient wireless solutions and services. As far as we can see, Hollyland has been delivering what it has promised with their quality and affordable products in recent years, and their passion and determination to better serve the filmmaking industry.

Where to buy: https://www.hollyland-tech.com/where-to-buy/

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Get in touch with Hollyland: https://www.hollyland-tech.com/contact/

Hollyland Facebook User Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hollylandtech/


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