The Digital Filmmaker mission

  • We write about video production gear that we use everyday on real world documentary and corporate or promotional video shoots. 
  • We also post reviews and commentary about tech tools and useful gadgets for creatives.
  • Want to contribute a gear review, opinion piece, or a list of your gear? Email us!

who Is Digital Filmmaker?

Digital Filmmaker is made up of freelance video producers and industry creatives who make a living from our gear. The site is edited by Slavik Boyechko, who produces for an Oregon video production company.

Gear Dads Slavik Boyechko
Gear Dads Travis Gilmour

Over the last few years, we have produced, shot, and edited hundreds of documentaries for the web and television for PBS and station affiliates. We have also traveled around the country, conducting media training for video producers on the philosophies and tools behind contemporary video production.

Outside of documentary and news broadcast, we have produced promotional videos for many companies and organizations, from national corporations such as Princess Cruises and Mozilla, to local businesses in remote Alaska. 

We also have a few Emmys to show for a few of our projects. As well as millions of views for a variety of our past videos.

Not that any of that matters all that much.

Gear Dads Emmy Awards

Enough about us. We want to hear from you! Please go over to our contact page and send us a question, comment, or if you've got a few minutes, a list of what's essential in your current video production kit, and we'll publish it here.

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- Digital Filmmaker team