X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL


X-Rite is coming out with a new, larger version of their popular ColorChecker, the X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL.

The ColorChecker Video XL is a color calibration tool that enables filmmakers, colorists, and DITs to quickly match images from multiple cameras. In a world where many of us are shooting on a variety of cameras from different manufacturers, which each have differing color profiles from camera to camera, the X-Rite ColorChecker has become an invaluable tool for matching looks.


During production, you simply place the ColorChecker in front of each camera to set its white balance, under any lighting condition, and the color charts allow a very fluid and objective post-production color matching process.

The original ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video can be a little too small for cameras that can’t zoom in far enough to capture enough data. So for long shots and wide shots, the new XL version is very handy.


The ColorChecker Video XL is twice the size of its previous version, at 23 x 19.5 inches. The size makes it ideal for aerial work with drones, which shoot at a wide angle and often too far from the X-Rite. We’re pretty excited about this because our drone footage is almost always the most difficult footage to match with our A and B cameras. The color and image processing in little drone cameras are very limited, so you want to get as close to the final image color as possible when you’re shooting.


Color Chips include:

  • Chromatic Colors: six saturated and six de-saturated color chips aligned with vectorscope primaries
  • Skin Tones: six color chips from light to dark with different undertones
  • Gray Levels: four larger steps for even gray balance including white, 40IRE gray, deep gray and high gloss black
  • Linear Grayscale: six steps for even gray balance including highlight and shadow regions
  • Illumination Check Chips: black and white chips at two corners to better assist in determining even illumination


  • Durable black polyester exterior and soft tricot interior
  • Designed to fit into a hard shell travel case


  • Durable black polyester exterior and soft tricot interior
  • Configurable to self-standing position or lies flat
  • Carry handle easily attaches to c-stand or clamp
  • Shoulder length carry strap
  • Zippered back pocket for storage

Use ColorChecker Video targets for a variety of applications, including:

  • Setting perfect exposure
  • Matching multiple cameras
  • Color grading
  • Gray balancing
  • Editing for mixed lighting


ColorChecker Video is supported in these 3rd party software solutions for improved color grading efficiencies.

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • 3DLUT Creator

More info about the X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL at B&H Photo

X-Rite Incorporated, the world leader in color management and measurement technologies, today announces the addition of the new ColorChecker Video XL to the ColorChecker family. For longer and wider shots, this extra-large format color reference target speeds up video production for more consistent and accurate color from capture to edit.

Given the popularity of the X-Rite ColorChecker Video and Video Passport targets among filmmakers and editors, adding a larger target for longer, wider and aerial shots was a logical addition to the family. Often the distance between the camera and the subject is too great, or the angle is too wide, to effectively capture a smaller target. With ColorChecker Video XL, users can increase capture resolution for post, maintain the same lighting conditions falling on their subject, eliminate the need to move the camera closer or adjust focal length, and minimize color casting from surrounding light.

Perfect for large production sets, event filmmaking, and aerial filmmaking, the ColorChecker Video XL allows users to accurately check highlights, shadows and mid-tones, match multiple cameras and achieve accurate color balance.

It provides the same chromatic colors, skin tones and gray reference chips of the standard size ColorChecker Video, but is twice as large, measuring 23” x 19.5” x 2.625”(53.3 x 37.5cm). All X-Rite ColorChecker Video targets work with popular filmmaking tools like waveforms, vectorscopes, and zebras.

“Filmmakers and photographers tell stories with their images. Along with light, color plays an essential role in these stories. We want to make sure they tell their story as perfectly as possible, which means starting from an ideal neutral place,” said Liz Quinlisk, Marketing Director Photo & Video, X-Rite. “Time is money, and the new ColorChecker Video XL helps filmmakers get to their creative look faster with less wasted time. No matter how big their story is we now have the right target size for every situation.”

X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL is available as a stand-alone color reference target or combined with two forms of added protection – a choice of a simple carry sleeve or a more robust, fully configurable carrying case.

X-Rite’s ColorChecker Video XL and protective accessories are now available through the global photo and video reseller network and on xritephoto.com, and xritephoto.eu.

About X-Rite
Founded in 1958, X-Rite Incorporated is a global leader in the science and technology of color and appearance. With its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone, X-Rite employs more than 800 people in 11 countries. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with regional headquarters in Europe and Asia and service centers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. X-Rite Pantone offers a full range of solutions used by manufacturers, retailers, printers, photographers, filmmakers, and graphic design houses to achieve precise management and communication of color and appearance throughout their processes. X-Rite Pantone products and services are recognized standards in the printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles and medical industries. For further information visit https://www.xrite.com/