Telestream ScreenFlow 8 – More Than Screencast Software

Telestream has released a new version of their screencast software, ScreenFlow. The new version implements many features that users have been asking for, and from the looks of it, the new app is now capable of being a standalone video editor for many types of projects.

Telestream ScreenFlow 8 is being widely applauded by vloggers, online trainers and educators, gamers, and anyone who regularly records screencasts. For users who own a previous version, there are upgrade prices available, including digital downloads at B&H Photo.


New Features in Telestream ScreenFlow 8

Screenflow 8 has a few notable new features that screencasters will appreciate, including:

  • Styles and Templates – after you create one episode of your screencast series, you can then use it as a template that greatly speeds up production for future videos. Titles, lower thirds, breaks, and your custom styles can instantly carry over to new projects.
  • Placeholders – for anyone creating tutorials or a video series, you can now lay out all of your assets before you record your screen or selfie video.
  • Stock Media Library – you now have unlimited access to half a million pieces of media, but only with an annual membership of $60/year.
  • New Frame Rates – you can now record in 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60 fps, which gives you more control with matching your screencast to your camera settings.
  • Freehand Annotations – you can draw custom shapes and lines directly onto the ScreenFlow canvas to help emphasize or illustrate what’s on screen.
  • Detachable Editing Timeline – you can now use a dual monitor setup for editing, with the timeline and canvas showing on different monitors.
  • Quick Narrations – you can add quick voice-overs without leaving the ScreenFlow timeline or having to configure another app.
  • Track Thumbnails – shows you a visual representation of a clip’s content in the thumbnail, which is very helpful when you’re editing long screencasts.
  • Burn In Captions – this allows you to export your screencast video with burned in captions, since not all players accept caption tracks.

There are lots of other features – including recent fixes in version 8.1 – in Telestream’s list of versions. Here’s also a detailed video introducing the new features:

Screencast Software or General Video Editor

For video producers who have dabbled in screencasting, it’s been a little frustrating to have to use both your favorite NLE and also the previous versions of ScreenFlow, just to record your screen. Of course, you don’t have to use a screencasting software, but there are many benefits that exist to help your viewers see what you’re demonstrating.


But with the addition of new frame rates, copy/pasting styles, and detachable editing timelines, ScreenFlow 8 is now a very capable video editing platform by itself. If you take the time to learn the new features, you may not need to boomerang to Final Cut Pro and back, for example. In fact, with the quick narration feature, you may not even have to use an audio recording app either.

ScreenFlow 8 also has some excellent exporting features that can do more than your NLE can. For example, you can schedule your Youtube uploads, add custom thumbnails, and set presets for exporting a different resolution to Instagram. There’s support for GoPro’s CineForm codec, and you can export animated PNG files with transparency. That’s some progressive features in a software that’s now way more than just a screencasting platform.

Telestream 8 – Official Store | Mac App store | B&H Photo