SmallHD Building Fire Causes Setbacks

SmallHD has recently suffered a fire in their building in North Carolina, which has caused millions of dollars in damages, as well as delays in shipping new products out.

In this video, SmallHD CEO Wes Philips provides details about the fire, and what means to the SmallHD team.


At about 7pm on an evening in April, a fire broke out in a neighboring unit. SmallHD staff were the only ones still in the building, and luckily they were able to call the fire department not long after smoke began to fill their warehouse.

No one was hurt, but SmallHD had to spend a lot of time cleaning out their inventory, which was filled with smoke and soot. As a result, they had to throw out millions of dollars of inventory, and they have to delay shipping for new orders. Here’s their breakdown of shipping estimates.

In the video, Philips explains that he’s proud of his team and that the setbacks are only temporary. They hope to completely bounce back in July and August.

SmallHD has a number of displays that are popular among professional video shooters, but we like their products especially because they produce 5-inch versions of external monitors, compared to the industry standard 7-inch screen, which can be too large for many cameras.

In our SmallHD Focus review, we talk at length about the advantages of a 5-inch screen, especially one that is daylight viewable. More recently, SmallHD has released the 502 Bright, which is an upgrade to maybe their most popular display, the 501/502.


Looking ahead, the upcoming SmallHD Focus Bolt will feature a wireless transmitter and receiver built into the monitor, which will make it a very attractive director’s/producer’s monitor unit.