Sennheiser Memory Mic

sennheiser-memory-mic-smartphoneSennheiser now has a microphone they’re billing as ideal for mobile journalists, vloggers, presenters, social media creators, interviewers, and parents (who appreciate good audio in their family videos).

The Sennheiser Memory Mic Wireless Microphone is built to work with smartphones for the initial setup, and then it can record for hours even if the bluetooth connection drops out. That way, you can use the phone to make the initial setup, leave while the unit records up to four hours of audio to its internal storage, and then reconnect to a phone for syncing back up.

The Memory Mic only has one button built into it, so you really do need to connect to the Sennheiser app in order to use it. That makes it not as convenient as the Mikme Wireless Microphone, which works both as a smartphone wireless mic as well as a standalone microphone/recorder.

Weighing only 1.1 oz, the Memory Mic is very lightweight and is meant to be clipped on to clothing, like a lavalier. There’s a built in clip, so that’s nice. Nonetheless, it looks a little big to hide under clothing, and it’s clearly visible even if attached to white clothing.

Still, this is a really great concept because the smartphone interface takes away the need for a screen display and lots of buttons on the unit itself. And the fact that the smartphone can be completely disconnected and the unit will still record audio, means that you can use these as tiny wireless audio mic/recorders instead of a Zoom H1, for example.

A wedding videographer could place a few of these around the main wedding party table, one near the podium, and one on the groom and officient, inside their jacket pocket. However, it’s unclear how simple it is to pair multiple Memory Mics to one phone.

The major limitation is the 4 hour battery run time. It would be better if you could rely on these to power on all day, for a true set-it-and-forget-it wireless microphone/recorder. It takes about an hour to recharge the battery to 70%, and you can use an external USB battery if needed.



Sennheiser Memory Mic – More info at B&H Photo / Sennheiser Product Page