Saramonic Audio Equipment joins MAC Group

Saramonic is now putting their U.S. marketing, sales and distribution in the hands of the MAC Group, which specializes in photo and video gear.

This is quite a move for Saramonic, which sells very, very cheap audio gear – or should we say, budget minded gear. Whereas MAC Group represents established high end clients such as Sekonic, Tenba, X-rite, Benro, and more.


Some of the popular Saramonic gear include:

  • SR-AX100 dual channel XLR mic adapter with cold shoe mount
  • SR-AX101 dual channel XLR mic adapter with 1/4-20″ connector
  • UWMIC9 Digital UHF Wireless Lav system
  • SR-WM4C Bundle with two wireless transmitters, two receivers, and a cold shoe audio mixer

The Saramonic XLR preamps are some of the cheapest in the market. They are satisfactory for on-camera XLR adapters, especially since the popular Juicedlink Micro Riggy adapters have been discontinued.

But the real Saramonic highlight is their Digital UHF wireless lavaliere system, which looks remarkably like Sony’s established UWP-D11 wireless lav system, but for a fraction of the cost. The shells look identical, but we doubt the guts are remotely similar.



Most pro shooters will invest in dependable brands, if only for the piece of mind and the customer support. But for many hobbyists or weekend shooters, the cost of entry into wireless audio can be prohibitive, especially if for gigs that are non-paying.

So, there’s definitely a place for Saramonic in the industry, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the brand now that MAC Group is in charge of promoting it in the U.S.

If you haven’t yet, check out DSLR Video Shooter’s Caleb Pike hacking a Saramonic iphone preamp for a custom video accessory.

Saramonic, a respected leader in audio gear, has appointed MAC Group as their distributor for business in the United States.

A critical focus within the rapidly expanding video segment at MAC Group is providing the right gear and support for single person and smaller crews. This focus naturally extends to the audio category and Saramonic.

Saramonic is known for innovation, quality and value, with a broad range of products including audio adaptors for DSLR cameras and camcorders, special purpose microphones, lavalier microphones and accessories as well as Smartphone Audio equipment for use with mobile devices, tablets and GoPros.

“We are in a Renaissance of content creation and storytelling with virtually everyone having access to photo and video creation tools. As people develop their skills, they need higher quality and more versatile and specialized tools to pursue their passions. Adding audio gear to our broad range of products serving filmmakers, content creators and photographers is a no-brainer for us as we work to set the pace for the ever increasing needs of our end users,” said Jan Lederman, MAC Group President. “We have long been committed to providing every possible type of precision equipment our customers find themselves in need of as their workflow necessitates. With content creators and videographers looking to deliver the best possible audio as well as many photographers moving into video, Saramonic is a logical partner and we are proud and delighted to help them grow in our market.”

MAC Group has expanded its brand management, sales and marketing teams to support Saramonic and its dealer base including specialty audio and music retailers in addition to their current photo and video channels.

About Saramonic:
Saramonic is a professional sound equipment solution company which focuses on producing audio adapters, microphones, portable recorders based in Shenzhen China.

About MAC Group:
MAC Group is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying photographers, videographers, educators and students with the world’s finest image-making tools, support and inspiration.