Rode Lavalier GO Microphone

Rode Lavalier GO lav mic

RØDE Microphones has released a new lavalier microphone specifically for the Rode Wireless GO system. It’s a great solution for anyone who is buying a Rode Wireless GO but don’t already have a 3.5mm lav mic already.

The Lavalier GO is a broadcast-quality mic that can be used for any scenario where you want more than the built-in microphone in the Wireless GO. That includes filmmakers, vloggers, journalists, in-house videographers, or anyone who is considering the Wireless GO but hasn’t pulled the trigger.


We published our Rode Wireless GO review recently and have found ourselves using it exclusively for a vast variety of shoots, not just for interviews. In fact, instead of using an on-camera shotgun microphone, we’ve been placing the Wireless GO near subjects or areas where we’re shooting, to capture much more intimate B-roll audio than we could by shooting from several feet away with a mic on top of the camera.

The one missing ingredient to the Wireless GO is a lav mic, which Rode’s release solves for many buyers on the fence. We’ve been using a variety of lav mics with our Wireless GO, but up until now the decision between going with a Wireless GO system versus the RODELink system (that includes a lav mic) has been up for debate for anyone who is on a budget.


The new Lavalier GO is super affordable and includes a pop shield, mounting clip, and a carrying pouch. It doesn’t have a locking connector, because the Wireless GO doesn’t utilize one. And of course, the Lavalier GO can be used with any other audio recorder or wireless transmitter that accepts a 3.5mm microphone.

Together, the Rode Wireless GO system plus the new Lavalier GO is under $300 and it’s incredibly versatile, because you can use the wireless transmitter without a mic, and you can use the lavalier with any other system. That means that in a pinch, you could actually record two channels of audio – one with the Wireless GO built-in mic, and one with the Lavalier GO by itself.

And of course, you can also use the Lavalier GO with a Rode SC4 adapter, which can connect to smartphones or tablets with a 3.5mm TRSS jack.

Realistically, Rode may eventually include this omnidirectional mic in a package with the Rode Wireless GO, and that would make for an essential piece of gear that we would recommend to anyone, both beginners and professional video shooters. In the meantime, you can purchase them seperately.

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