Phonesoap Go Phone Sanitizer


The PhoneSoap Go is a new, portable UV sanitizer for your phone, small tablet, or any item that fits inside of it. It only takes 10 minutes to remove 99% of the invisible germs that are crawling around your phone.

When we wrote our original Phonesoap review, we were (and still are) entirely happy with the product (the Phonesoap 3, to be exact), and we’ve recommended it to many freinds and readers of this site. The Phonesoap has also made a great gift to give to others who probably weren’t even aware that such a thing exists, or how gross their phones become.


But the one drawback to the Phonesoap has been the short power cable. It limits where you can place your Phonesoap, so you’ll typically find a semi-permanent place for it and call it good.

The new Phonesoap Go, however, escapes the shackles of a cable and has a built-in battery, enabling you to throw it in your bag, place it anywhere far from an outlet, use it to charge your phone, and sanitize while traveling.

Phonesoap Go Phone Sanitizer

The Phonesoap Go operation is about as simple as it gets. After you’ve charged the battery with the included power cable, you open it up and place your phone in it, close the lid, and then press the top lightning button.


The light will turn on, letting you know that it’s sanitizing your phone. After about 10 minutes, the light turns off, and you’re done. That’s it!

It doesn’t make any noise, or beeps, or anything that might be distracting. In fact, it’s easy to forget about entirely. Admittedly, we’ve placed our phone in the Phonesoap, walked away, and then a while later completely forgot where our phone was. 

A Mobile UV Sanitizer to Share

The convenience of the Phonesoap Go surprised us. It’s not just that it’s more convenient for yourself, what happens is you end up sharing the Phonesoap with others.


First you share it with your friends or family, passing it around the house. And then you start taking it outside and sharing it with people you meet up with.

For us, we started to bring it to every work meeting, coffee date, lunch, client meeting, and so on. Anytime someone would visit, the first thing we would do is ask if they wanted to sanitize their phone while we chat. Turns out, everyone does.

So next time you go to a party, or a family gathering, or a work meeting, bring the Phonesoap Go. You’ll be surprised by how many people are thrilled to clean their phone, and they’ll have you to thank.


Charge Your Phone while you Sanitize

The internal battery on the Phonesoap Go can sanitize about 45 times. That’s a lot of juice, which means you’ve got plenty of battery power in there to charge your phone as well.


On the back of the Phonesoap Go, there’s an input for both USB-3 as well as USB-C, depending on your phone model. To charge the Phonesoap Go, you plug in the included DC to USB cable into a USB wall adapter (not included), and then into a wall.

The ability to charge your phone while sanitizing it means you can begin to think of the Phonesoap Go as your default phone charger, except with the added benefit of cleaning your phone. It’s bigger than a portable battery, of course, so think of it more like a backpack or purse charger, rather than a pocket battery.


The internal battery is a 6000mAH battery and takes 4.5 hours to charge to 100%. If you only sanitize your phone and not use the battery for charging, then one charge can give you weeks of Phonesoap use, if you sanitize your or others’ phones a couple times a day.

If you do charge your phone, the Phonesoap Go can deliver up to 4 full phone charges.

Carrying Case and Colors


Included with the Phonesoap Go is a soft case, which hugs the Phonesoap tightly. You can place the charging cable inside the Phonesoap for transport.

Currently there are only two color choices available for the Phonesoap Go: Indigo and White. It’s a little more expensive than the original Phonesoap, but still reasonable.

What does it Kill?

There have been reports of harmful bacteria in all manner of public spaces, from rhinovirus, influenza, fecal matter, and more. And there are studies that show our phones to be multiple times as dirty as even public toilets.


It’s disgusting to think about how gross our phonees become, as we handle them throughout the day. But how often do we wipe our phones with a sanitizer wipe? Aren’t you supposed to keep chemicals off the smartphone screens?

The Phonesoap uses UV lights to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on your phone, and there are lights on all sides of the interior, so it disinfects your entire phone. You can keep the case on, if you use one.


For us, we’ve begun to use the Phonesoap with a lot of other objects that fit into it. Keys, wallets, credit cards, and our favorite: the computer mouse. We shudder to think about how gross one can become.

In conclusion, the Phonesoap Go is the portable UV sanitizer and phone charger that lots of people have been asking for, since the original Phonesoap was released. It really does give you some peace of mind, and the convenience of it being battery-powered makes it a better product than the previous models.

We’re most surprised at how social the Phonesoap Go becomes: you take it everywhere, share it with people you come across throughout your day, and pass on that good feeling of having a just-cleaned phone.

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