Pelican Introduces 1507 Air Case – Perfect for Lenses

pelican-airFor those who prefer to protect their gear with hard cases, Pelican has been the de-facto standard for many years. But their weight has been an issue for air travel. So a few years ago Pelican came out with the Air Case line, which reduced the overall weight by 40%.

Now, they’ve released a new model, the Pelican Air 1507 Case. It’s a unique size in that it’s a little smaller than their 1535 Air Case, which is the maximum size for carry-on restrictions, but the 1507 is deeper.

Dimensions are 15×15 x 11.38 x 8.52 inches. It weighs about 6.4 lbs with the dividers, and 5.2 lbs without any foam or dividers.

The 1507 could be the perfect Pelican Air for packing your lenses, for both air travel or to bring to gigs (and for general storage). The case is small enough to fit into a bigger suitcase or carry-on, or you can carry the 1507 by itself.

The 1535 is a little too big for most people who carry around 4-6 photo lenses and a DSLR body. Whereas the 1507 (seen below) has just the right amount of space for a few normal lenses, a wide, telephoto, and possibly a camera body or some lens filters.




The Pelican 1507 comes in four configurations: TrekPak with a new divider system that is customizable with locking pins, Pick N Pluck with customizable cubed foam, a model with yellow Padded Dividers, or in its most basic empty form with no foam or dividers.

It’s also available in four colors: black, orange, silver, and yellow. For our buck, we think the 1507WD Model – the black exterior with the yellow padded dividers – is the best choice for a lens case.

The black exterior draws the least amount of attention to itself, while the padded dividers offer more protection than the TrekPak system, and the yellow colors are easier to see when you’re looking for that damn lens cap at the end of a shoot.


The Pelican Air is watertight, crushproof, dustproof, and optimized for travel. It’s made out of a lightweight HPX polymer with honeycomb structural elements. No clue what that means but it’s a lot lighter than the previous Pelicans, without sacrificing durability.

It’s been drop tested on concrete and also tested with a 28 pound steel dart. That’s one thing we worry about a lot during production trips, is getting ambushed by elite marksmen with steel arrows. Thankfully Pelican’s got us covered.

Pelican 1507 Air is now available for preorder at B&H Photo (link to all the models and colors).


The Pelican™ Air Case Line Increases to Ten Models with the 1507 Case

In mid-2016, Pelican changed the game by introducing their Air case line which reduced the case weight by up to 40%. Today, they are increasing the extremely popular group to include ten cases with the introduction of the Pelican 1507 Air Case.

This particular size (Interior: 15.15” x 11.38” x 8.52”) is not available in either the Pelican™ Protector or Pelican™ Storm™ lines and was developed to serve as the smallest size in the “deeper case” part of the Pelican Air case line (1557, 1607, and 1637 Air cases – launched in 2017).

The 1507 Pelican Air case passes the same performance tests (impact, drop, submersion, high and low temperature) that Pelican users have come to trust and is backed by the company’s legendary lifetime guarantee of excellence.

To cut the weight in the case, Pelican’s engineering team faced the challenge of building lightness into every facet of the design without compromising Pelican’s renowned durability. By working with a team of materials scientists, Pelican was able to construct cases that are the lightest protective cases on the market today.

The Pelican 1507 Air case is available in four configurations:

  • TrekPak™ – a completely new divider system with rigid, customizable panels and locking pins
  • Pick N Pluck™ foam – manually customizable cubed foam
  • Padded Dividers – newly redesigned with a fully-sewn tub, felt exterior and high-visibility yellow interior, making it easier to identify equipment
  • No Foam (empty)

The case has an MSRP of $177.23 US (with foam) and is available in Black, Orange, Silver and Yellow. For more information on Pelican Air cases and the full Pelican line, visit

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