Peak Design Kickstarter Campaign for a Travel Backpack


Peak Design has a new travel backpack and accessory line on Kickstarter, made for travelers and photographers. There are several items in the new travel line campaign, and at the time of writing they have already reached nearly $3 million in pledges, way above their $500,000 goal.

This is the 8th Kickstarter campaign for Peak Design, which has found a very successful method of building enthusiasm for new products via crowd funding. In addition to their general purpose bags, Peak Design’s “Everyday Messenger” has become a very popular item for photographers and urban videographers.

The Travel Line is aimed toward both photographers as well as anybody who likes modular backpacks and packing cubes (read: pretty much everyone). There are camera cubes with inserts designed for small cameras and lenses, as well as packing cubes for clothes, toiletries, and most importantly, various tech gizmos and cables.

Peak Design Travel Backpack on Kickstarter

The main Travel Backpack is a 45 liter bag with weatherproof housing, waterproof zippers, pick-pocket deterrent zips, and it’s made from recycled plastics. What we like is there are straps and belts that can be put away, turning the backpack into a sleeker, simpler bag that doesn’t have tons of things hanging off it.

That’s especially nice for walking through busy streets or the airport – you don’t want a strap to get caught on something, or worse, somebody.


The travel backpack is the maximum size approved for airplane carry-ons. Its main compartment is entirely wide open, so you can decide how you want to pack the interior. That’s very important because that enables you to customize the bag to the unique needs of every trip. Bags that have overly restrictive divider systems can be limiting and ultimately a little frustrating.

For times when you want to make the bag smaller, you can compress it so that it becomes more appropriately sized for day trips. Alternatively, you can use pack all the straps away and use it as a duffel.

The travel backpack weighs 4.5 lbs by itself, and comes in either black or sage. It has an MSRP of $300 but the Kickstarter campaign price is $235 and is estimated to deliver around December 2018.

Peak Design Travel Line Packing Cubes

The other part of Peak Design’s Kickstarter campaign for their travel line is the new packing cubes. Like the travel backpack, the packing cubes are meant to be versatile and modular.

They expand and compress to different sizes, which is pretty unique for packing cubes. There are also compartments within the cubes, for dirty clothes, accessories, etc.


Camera Cubes

The camera packing cubes are a little different than the standard clothing cubes. They are made entirely out of weatherproof nylon, and have padded interiors and dividers that protect your camera and lenses.

There are three different sizes of the camera cubes, and each of them are modular to fit different cameras and lenses, or other photography and videography equipment. For example, a drone, external monitor, a handheld gimbal, or you know, that other part of video production: audio stuff.

Wash Pouch

The toiletries bag is similar to a lot of toiletry bags out there, except it has a few nice features like an external pocket for electric toothbrushes or razors. You don’t want to mix that stuff with all your other toiletries.

The wash pouch has plenty of dividers inside so you can keep your things separate and organized. And it has a flat bottom so that it sits upright. After you’re back from your trip, you can wash the interior lining.

Shoe Pouch

For bringing an extra pair of shoes along. Nuff said.

Tech Pouch


What is a cable pass-thrue?

Lastly, there’s the individual tech pouch, which also comes in a weatherproof nylon exterior. It features origami-style pockets for organizing all your tech gizmos and the various batteries and power cables you need to use them.

To learn more about the Peak Design Kickstarter campaign for their new Travel Line – or to pledge your support – head on over to their campaign page.