My RØDE Cast Contest – Submit a 1-2 Min Podcast To Win Big


RØDE is launching their very first competition specifically for podcasters, titled My RØDE Cast. The overview is simple: submit a 1-2 minute podcast, and you can win up to $150,000 in prizes.

Rode has seen incredible success with their annual My RØDE Reel competition, with thousands of filmmakers around the globe submitting their unique videos in the hopes of winning some big prizes. For many participants, it’s enough of a benefit to join a large network of other filmmakers, as well as have your film screened by some big name judges.

Though of course, the prizes are really good. Rode has also been generous and awarded mics and other prizes for anyone who submits to the competition. It’s no wonder My RØDE Reel is now the world’s largest short filmmaking competition.

My RØDE Cast is My RØDE Reel for Podcasters

With the launch of their new RØDECaster Pro system and the PodMic, Rode is positioned to take the podcasting world by storm. And this competition is a great way to get the ball rolling.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is submit a 1-2 minute podcast on any topic, in any format. Podcasts are typically long-form content, so having to only submit an audio piece less than 2 minutes long means that just about anyone can participate.


All you really need is a phone or computer or a way to record a couple minutes of audio and edit it down, and also the creativity to express something really cool in a minute.

Actually, the 2 minute time limit can be really difficult for anyone who is already a podcaster and is accustomed to rambling for hours. Maybe that’s the point – this competition is about finding inspiration and ideas for a really cool podcast that maybe doesn’t exist yet. The actual execution of the podcast, with all the gear involved, is where Rode comes in. They’re positioned to make it incredibly easy for people to get their podcast ideas turned into reality.

My Rode Cast Judges and Prizes

The three judges in the competition are Mike Dawson from the Adam Carolla Show, Jacob Salamon of WISECRACK, and Jordon Lott who works at Acast and produces The Thinkergirls podcast.


Along with the judges’ choices, there will also be a People’s Choice award given to the most voted submission.

The prizes include RØDE microphones and accessories, the new RØDECaster Pro podcast production studio, Urbanears headphones, Adobe subscriptions, Angelbird media, courses at SchoolofPodcasting, and some post production gear.



What Can You Say in 1-2 Minutes?

According to Rode, the judges will be looking for originality and creativity, interesting and compelling podcasts that leaves them wanting more. Production quality, such as how clean the sound is, use of music or sound effects, good editing technique, and vocal delivery and flow will also be considered.

Basically, all of the things that can make a 1-2 minute podcast stand out from a crowd. You can choose any topic or format, such as documentary, interview, news, a review, and so on. But what can you really say in 1-2 minutes?

Here’s some of our ideas to help you get started:

  • A spec radio ad for a full-length podcast, something you might hear on the radio or a podcast about an upcoming show that may or may not actually exist.
  • A super condensed interview with a person or people who have a compelling point of view, short story, or vocal style. It could be completely buttoned up in 2 minutes, but the world wishes we could hear more from this same host or interview subject.
  • A host telling a short story, complete with a hook, story arc, and conclusion. Or maybe it’s a highly engaging tease without a conclusion – giving the judges wanting something more?
  • Music or sound effects presentation with a clever spoken explanation over it.
  • A news story, short review, poem reading, or a similar format that we’re already familiar with in the audio world, but this is you doing your version.
  • You on the street, delivering a docu-style story in under 2 minutes. For example, you could be on the street doing spot interviews with people. Think of it like a news package, but from your very unique (and not so objective) perspective.
  • Or something much more clever than any of those ideas.

Win a Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

If you’re interested in joining the competition, do it quickly, because the first 500 enries will receive a free RØDE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit. That’s a $199 product, completely free, just for participating. Get out there and make something now!


Entries are open from February 1 to March 12, 2019. Head to to enter.