MIOPS Capsule360 Kickstarter Campaign is a Success



A new app-controlled camera motion box will now go to the manufacturing phase, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended yesterday.

The MIOPS Capsule360 aims to bring motion to a number of DSLR, mirrorless, and smartphone cameras, using a simple app to control the movement.

Capsule360 promises to have object and face tracking, motion time lapse, 360 degree product photography, 3-axis motion, as well as simple pans and tilts.

The box itself looks very much like Edelkrone’s SliderONE Pro, which makes us wonder if this is an off the shelf component that MIOPS adapted.

We’ve used the SliderONE and Motion Module for some time now, and it’s actually very useful, as long as your camera is small. Medium sized DSLRS with heavy lenses are too much work for the small motor. The Capsule360 specs say it will handle cameras up to 15lbs, which we are a bit skeptical of, but who knows?

The Kickstarter campaign offered a variety of bundles ranging from $199 to $979. It will be interesting to see how quickly it goes to manufacturing and shipping, and whether it reaches the marketplace after.




For more information, visit the Capsule360 website.

Today, MIOPS, the creative photography company behind a range of innovative camera products including the popular SMART Trigger, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to support its new Capsule360 motion box. The Capsule360 will enable users to quickly produce professional videography effects, such as smooth automated pans, tilts and slides (or any combination of them) in their videos. Motion can also be learned from manual movement of a smartphone, and executed repeatedly by it for impressive visual effects. Compatible with any SLR, mirrorless or smartphone, the Capsule360 provides accurate subject tracking, making it ideal for self-shooting vloggers looking to up their production values, as well as features for high-quality 360° product photography, motion time-lapse and star-tracking.

Following the success of its MIOPS Mobile Trigger in 2016, which received over 5 times its initial funding goal, the company is returning to Kickstarter to help bring the world’s most versatile and compact motion box to life. For more information, please visit the campaign page here.

“We’re extremely excited to start another crowd-funding campaign and to introduce another great product to the world,” said Erkan Yiğiter, Co-Founder & CTO at MIOPS. “We hope that with all its capabilities, Capsule360 is going be loved by those working on all sorts of creative productions.”

For those filmmakers and stills photographers who want to go further than ever before with their projects, the MIOPS Capsule360 could be the ideal companion. With the user’s camera mounted to it, the motion-box provides a plethora of features for producing unique creations, in more detail, these include:

3-Axis Motion
The Capsule360 is designed to allow users to quickly create perfect motion for video clips. Straight out of the box it’ll produce smooth pans, while with the optional L-Bracket tilt motion can be added, and camera sliding with the Capsule Slider accessory. This movement requires no cables, while all aspects of its speed and direction can be controlled via the MIOPS app.

One-Touch Object and Face Tracking
Whether the user is self-shooting a vlog and wants to be able to self-track during filming, or if they just want a smoother method of following subjects around a scene, the Capsule360 can automatically track any object with just one click in its intuitive smartphone app.

Automated 360° Product Photography
Using the Capsule360’s application and the Capsule360’s turntable accessory available separately, a camera or smartphone can be programmed to capture interactive 360° images of products quickly and automatically.

Enhanced Motion Time-Lapse Modes
For advanced time-lapses, the Capsule360 can add motion with total control of its speed and direction. With the device’s app, the strain is also taken out of adding effects to it such as bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure.

Star Tracking Mode
With the Capsule360 mounted to to a tripod, photographing the night sky in unrivalled detail has been made easy. Capsule360 can be set to automatically track the motion of stars precisely, ensuring super sharp star photos at shutter speeds that would normally result in streaky trails.

Automatic Setup
Designed to minimise setup time, equipment mounted onto the Capsule360 will be detected automatically, and optimised within its app for use.

Learn Motion Path From Manual Movement
Capsule360 can learn motion paths from manual movement, once demonstrated with a smartphone attached, they can be repeated as many times as desired. The ability to replicate motion seamlessly allows complex visual effects to be produced during editing. The speed of this motion and all of its other settings can be configured from the mobile application via Bluetooth.

Motorized Dolly Accessory
With the Capsule Dolly, it’s also possible to create stylish linear and curved slide movements for video on flat surfaces. Just connect the Capsule360 unit to it, and control the distance and direction of the dolly’s movement easily via the app.

Compact, Powerful and Easy to Use
Capsule360 has a powerful built-in rechargeable battery which will last at least for 8 hours of continuous use in most modes, and for up to one week when capturing time-lapses. It’s also possible to connect an external USB power source to the device for extended shooting times. Despite all of its functionality the Capsule 360 weighs a mere 250g and is only 105mm at its longest dimension.

High-resolution images are available from the MIOPS Capsule360 Press Kit, found here.

About MIOPS:
MIOPS is a pioneering manufacturer of creative camera products. Since its inception, the MIOPS team has harnessed new technologies to deliver innovative devices that offer image and filmmakers truly game-changing features and performance. They pride themselves on helping their users to make previously impossible projects, possible. In 2016, MIOPS enjoyed the overwhelming support of the Kickstarter community for its MIOPS MOBILE remote that connected smartphones with DSLRs and CSCs for advanced sound, vibration, motion and distance triggering.