Luxli Taiko 2×1 RGB LED Light


Luxli has released a new addition to their lineup of RGB lights, the Taiko 2×1 RGBAW LED light. It’s now their flagship product, offering more than twice the output of their Timpani 1×1.

We reviewed the Luxli Timpani previously, as well as the Luxli Cello, and found both lights to be designed and built with extraordinary precision and user experience in mind.


Luxli designs and manufactures their lights in Norway, which you’d think would mean their products would cost significantly more than Chinese-made lights, but somehow that’s not the case. The Timpani 1×1 and Taiko 2×1 can compete with lights like the Litepanel Gemini, and yet they are less than half the cost.

The Taiko is a RGBAW light, which means each LED emitter has 5 sub-diodes: Red, Green, Blue, as well as Amber (Tungsten) and White (Daylight) sub-dioides. That gives you a full spectrum of colors from 2800 to 10,000 Kelvin, with more color accurate tungsten and daylight outputs.


As for output, the Taiko outputs 15,500 lux at 1 meter, which is insanely bright. And whereas bicolor LED lights of past have typically consisted of a mixture of tungsten and daylight bulbs – so the maximum output was measured somewhere at 4200K or with both sets of colors on – the photometrics of the Luxli Taiko is supposedly equally powerful no mater what color you’re output you’re measuring.


The light has a 76 degree beam spread and comes with a medium-strength diffuser that softens the output. You can also purchase a separate light or heavy diffusion, or go for a complete Taiko kit.

There are also the usual party tricks with any RGB light here, and Luxli has been developing the Composer companion app to offer more control if you’ve mounted your light and can no longer reach the back panel.

The downside with a 2×1 light like the Taiko is it’s big and heavy. The fixture weighs 16.75 lbs, requires a bulky 36V power brick which itself weighs 3 lbs, and you’re going to need a heavy duty light stand or C-stand to hold this light up safely. But that’s the price to pay for a 2×1 light that has almost infinite colors to choose from.

The Luxli Taiko RGBAW light is now available at B&H Photo.