JibKit – DIY camera jib with wood

jibkit diy jib

The JibKit is an accessory that allows you to take some common pieces of wood and build a camera jib in minutes. It’s a little crazy, but it’s also genius.

And to be honest, we wish there were more of these types of unique inventions on Kickstarter, coming from independent creatives rather than only established manufacturers.

The JibKit comes with 3 nylon brackets, a quick release mount, and a clip to hang a counterweight. You supply the wood, the drill, and the camera.

jibkit wooden dowel

The campaign suggests 2 sections of 1-inch wooden dowels, which can be purchased from most hardware stores. In our quick search, we found Home Depot carries 4-foot sections, but not the 8-foot sections that JibKit recommends.

Amazingly, JibKit can also work with branches of wood found in a nearby forest.

jibkit wood

From looking at the footage, the JibKit is not exactly a professional grade jib. But it’s not intended to be. This is a $50 unique accessory that enables anyone, anywhere to create a jib in a pinch, for any type of video project.

We are happy to see independent filmmakers design unique tools for our little niche. Because how cool and convenient is that?

Imagine if we started seeing inventions from dozens of people around the world, each with a unique tool that is designed for video producers. It’s a future alternative to depending only on big corporate brands to manufacture the photo and video equipment we use in our everyday projects.

JibKit at Kickstarter