Gitzo Makes Custom Traveler Tripod for Sony Alpha A7 and A9 series

Sony recently announced a new collaboration with the Vitec Group, which houses many of the world’s most established photography and videography brands. As part of that partnership, Gitzo has created a new tripod kit and L-bracket specifically for Sony Alpha cameras.gitzo-traveler-tripid-kit-sony-alpha-a7-a9

Gitzo Traveler Tripod Kit

The Gitzo Traveler Kit has a GK1545TA tripod as its base, which is quite possibly the most portable – yet durable – tripod in existence. We’ve been using the previous version, the Gitzo 1542T, for many years with mirrorless, DSLR, and even Canon Cinema cameras. Our C100 went with the Gitzo Traveler around Alaska for a multi-year docu series.

compact tripod

Using the Gitzo 1542T on a fast and wet documentary shoot in Alaska

This kit, however, is made specifically for the Sony A9 and A7 series, which are smaller and lighter than the cameras we’ve put on a Traveler tripod. With a load capacity of 22 pounds, the tripod will easily support these Sony cameras for both photo and video applications. It folds up to 17 inches, extends to 65 inches, and can be extended at a low angle to sit less than a foot off the ground.

What makes the Traveler Kit custom for Sony is the Arca-type ball head that comes with a quick release plate designed precisely for the shape and size of the A7 and A9 series. It has a vertical tilt of 90 degrees, and can rotate 360 degrees.

The tripod and head weigh only 3 pounds, which is incredible, thanks to Gitzo’s proprietary carbon fiber system. The rapid release twist locks are easy to grip with one hand, turn slightly, and release all 4 sections. You can do that on 3 legs in a few seconds.

Gitzo L Bracket for Sony Alphagitzo l bracket sony alpha

The other collaboration is a new Gitzo L-Bracket for Sony Alpha, which pairs best with the Sony A7R III or Sony A9. It’s meant to improve support for the camera, while also allowing photographers to change the orientation from horizontal to portrait very quickly.

The new L-Bracket weighs only 2.7 oz and it has the Arca-type quick release that goes well with the Gitzo Traveler Kit.

What about Video Shooters?

If you want to use the Gitzo Traveler for shooting video with your Sony camera, you’ll still need to get a leveling base and a fluid head to replace the one that comes with the kit. The lightest leveling base we’ve found and have on our Traveler tripod is the Acratech leveling base.

As for fluid heads, the smallest and lightest fluid head we’ve used has been the Manfrotto 701HDv, which has now been discontinued. It also was a hit or miss for smooth pans and tilts. These days, you’re much better off with a Benro S4, or our favorite, the Varavon 815.

Both the Gitzo Traveler Kit and the L-Bracket for Sony Alpha can now be pre-ordered at B&H.