Canon PowerShot SX740 HS


Continuing the trend for recent cameras that aim to replace the smartphone camera in your pocket, Canon has added the new Canon PowerShot SX740 HS. Like the new Fuji XF10 and Nikon P1000, Canon’s SX740 is sized like the Fuji XF10, but it has superzoom capabilities like the Nikon P1000. And it’s cheaper than both.

The Canon SX740 HS has some notable features for entry-level photographers, vloggers, or consumers looking for a tiny camera that beats the one in your smartphone:

  • 20.3MP 1/2.3-inch sensor
  • Canon’s newest Digic 8 Image Processor
  • 24-960mm focal range in 35mm equivalent
  • 40x Optical Zoom with image stabilization, 80x with digital zoom
  • 3-inch tilting screen
  • ISO up to 3200
  • 10 fps continuous shooting with AF lock
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connection to your phone
  • Weighs 9.7 oz
  • 4k UHD video up to 30fps, up to 30 minutes recording per clip

To combat the issue of losing your subject when you’re zoomed in to nearly 1000mm, Canon has something called Zoom Framing Assist with this camera. Once you’re zoomed in all the way, you can press the Assist button and the camera will zoom all the way out, so you can adjust your framing. When you release the button, you return to the zoomed in position, and the subject remains in focus.

As you can see from the  video, Canon’s autofocus with face tracking is remarkably good, especially when zoomed in on a subject. In addition to the 40x Optical Zoom, the SX740 HS has digital zoom – which Canon calls ZoomPlus here – doubling the zoom without losing resolution. That gives you effectively 80x zoom.

By the way, if you’re curious what the “HS” means, it stands for “High Speed” – the CMOS sensor and Digic 8 Processor enabling 10 frames per second.

To convince you to ditch your smartphone camera and use the SX740 to take your social media pics, there’s built-in bluetooth connectivity with low-energy battery preservation. It works automatically with Canon’s Camera Connect app. The camera also sends continuous GPS location information, so you retain the ability to geo tag your social photos.

The Canon app also enables a Wi-Fi connection from the SX740 to your smartphone, so you can use your phone as a remote viewfinder, as well as browse through photos and videos on the camera. Being able to set the camera on a portable tripod, load up the app, frame, focus, expose and take a group selfie is a nice feature.

canon sx740 selfie screen

The screen does tilt 180 degrees, which is essential for anyone who likes to take selfies or intends to use this for vlogging. However, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of audio recording options. So, that would rule this camera out for vlogging unless you have a completely separate external audio recorder, and sync in post.

The SX740 specifications make no mention of a built-in microphone, but the demo video does have audio. Also the physical interface lists a stereo out, so you can listen to your videos with headphones or speakers, but you can’t input a microphone. Bummer.

Canon is marketing the SX740 HS as a “Long Zoom Camera,” which it certainly is. If you just want to have the ability to zoom far away for your photos, this camera certainly beats your smartphone. On trips to the zoo or around the city, you’ll use the zoom for sure. And the selfie screen is very nice indeed.

But even though the SX740 has 4k video – which let’s be honest, is kind of a big deal for Canon, since they are slow to offer 4k video recording in their recent camera releases – there isn’t enough attention to video features to make this camera useful for videographers or vloggers. For that, the Canon EOS M50 would be better, which has similar specs but interchangeable lenses and an external audio input. However, the M50 is more expensive and quite a bit bigger.


Canon SX740 vs M50


Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Black – Amazon / B&H Photo

MELVILLE, N.Y.July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Whether your family is always on the go, you are an up-and-coming vlogger or you enjoy posting photos to social media, a compact digital camera capable of producing high quality images is a necessity. Today, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, introduced the new PowerShot SX740 HS digital camera boasting a 40x Optical Zoom Lens (equivalent to 24-960mm), a 20.3 Megapixel* CMOS imaging sensor and 4K video capabilities, which is a first in the PowerShot series.

“We remain committed to incorporating the latest technologies and innovations into Canon products that help meet the needs of our customers,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “As we continue to grow the popular PowerShot SX-series, we are excited to offer more imaging solutions that encourage visual storytelling.”

Featuring a DIGIC 8 Image Processor, dual-sensing image stabilization, automatic image transfer, feature assistant and a 3.0-inch LCD screen that rotates 180 degrees, the PowerShot SX740 HS helps make transitioning away from smartphone photography fun and easy. With high-speed continuous shooting up to 7.4fps, an ergonomic design and built-in Wi-Fi®** and Bluetooth®*** technology, you can easily capture life’s greatest moments with the PowerShot SX740 HS.

Availability and Pricing

The PowerShot SX740 HS will be available for purchase in late August for $399.99****. To purchase this product or for more information about Canon U.S.A products, visit

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*Image processing may cause a decrease in the number of pixels.

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