Adobe Opens a Free Post-Production Center in LA

In an effort to increase their presence in the professional post production arena, Adobe is opening up a new facility in Los Angeles.

adobe office los angeles

The new office space in Santa Monica will have a really, really nice editing suite that video professionals can use for  free. You’ll be able to experiment with Adobe’s tools and also get feedback and help from Adobe staff.

Here’s what Steve Warner, VP of Digital and Audio at Adobe says about the new LA facility: ““Our mission is to give editors the tools that can help bring their artistic vision to life. What better way to meet that goal than to talk to the professionals who are creating cutting-edge entertainment every day. We take feedback to heart and are excited to create a dedicated Adobe home in Los Angeles, where we can work side-by-side with the post-production community and better support each other.”

adobe office la

While the lure of a free post production facility seems like an amazing opportunity for up and coming filmmakers, we are skeptical that Adobe will want to fill their offices with fresh faced kids making low budget horror flicks into the wee hours of the night.

More likely, in order to use the post production studio, you will need to make an appointment, express a desire to learn about specific tools that Adobe makes and how they can help you with your productions, and finally, you probably need to be a professional working in Hollywood already. Which means you probably already have access to a post production facility.

Still, it’s always good when there’s a public, physical presence for a software company. A few years ago, Youtube opened up a studio in Los Angeles, which is opened to the public and enables creators to connect in a physical space.

You can read more about Adobe’s new post production facility in their blog post.