3 Legged Thing New Punks Patti Tripod

3-legged-thing-patti-tripod-folded3 Legged Thing has a new tripod in its Punks lineup. The Patti, named after punk legend Patti Smith, is intended to be a general use tripod at an affordable price.

The Patti tripod can support a 22 lb payload, and it uses ABS plastic with flip locks to secure that load. That should be more than enough for most DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. Typically you would want a tripod with twice the load capacity than your camera and lens, as a rule of the thumb.


Well suited for photographers, the Patti is intended to be a good starter tripod appeals to budget conscious buyers. However, we know that a tripod’s price does not necessarily indicate quality, as there are many good tripods available for under $200 out there. And 3 Legged Thing, based out of England, makes good quality tripods and monopods.


Here’s what 3 Legged Thing founder Danny Lenihan has to say about the Patti, ““Patti breaks three barriers for 3 Legged Thing – the first tripod we have named for a female rockstar, the first to have a flip-lock mechanism rather than friction locks, and our first tripod to retail for under £100.”

“When I first introduced our Punks range to the public, I did so to try and offer the technological advancements available in our Pro range, for a price point that was affordable to the masses. With Patti, we have taken that to a new level and introduced a sub £100 tripod with a 10kg working payload. It’s an exciting time.”

3-legged-thing-patti-tripod-airhed-mini-ballheadThe Patti tripod is made from magnesium, has a single section centre column that is removable and reversible. The legs can be adjusted from as low as 4.25 feet off the ground, and extended up to 80 inches.

Right now, the Patti comes with a ballhead – the AirHed Mini, which has simplified controls. Video shooters will most likely want to replace it with a fluid head.

The Patti will be available from the 3 Legged Thing store.