Zoom Unveils ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic to Up the Audio Quality for Content Creators

Zoom Announces New ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Content Creators

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Zoom Announces New ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Content Creators

Zoom has announced the launch of the ZSG-1 shotgun microphone designed to bring increased audio recording quality to content creators. The advanced condenser microphone has been designed specifically for capturing sound on camera, delivering great images without the need for an external set-up. It boasts a compact form factor that fits neatly on the top or side of a camera for easy and convenient use.

The ZSG-1 is highly customisable and can be adapted to various shooting scenarios. It features an adjustable gain knob for changing the microphone sensitivity level and a dedicated GoPro® mount for mounting on a GoPro® camera. It also features a tripod mount for attaching to a tripod or light stand, and offers an integrated foam windscreen for reducing wind noise. The ZSG-1 can be powered using two AA batteries.

The ZSG-1 has been designed with the specific needs of content creators in mind. It offers an audio range of 20Hz-20kHz, providing rich and detailed audio. It also offers up to 60dB of gain to capture quiet sounds, maximising audio quality even in noisy settings. The included foam windscreen helps reduce wind noise and the integrated shock mount helps minimise the impact of camera movement.

The ZSG-1 is backwards compatible with older Zoom gear. The microphone can be used with Zoom audio recorders, audio interfaces, and camera-mounted digital audio recorders. It is also compatible with most digital and analogue cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders.

The ZSG-1 is available now for $99 USD from Zoom online. It is the perfect microphone for content creators who demand high-quality audio recordings from their cameras.

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