Zoom Introduces ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Creative Professionals

Zoom Announces New ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Content Creators

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Zoom Announces New ZSG-1 On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Content Creators

Zoom aims to make audio capture easier for content creators with the announcement of its new ZSG-1 Shotgun Microphone. Widely used in the professional production world, the ZSG-1 is designed for on-camera use and is extremely lightweight.

The ZSG-1 microphone is intended to maximize sound quality for content creators. It provides clear, precise audio capture and isolates sound from its given source. With its onboard high-pass filter, it reduces unwanted and unnecessary low-end noise from recordings. Additionally, it features an in-built shock mount that eliminates vibrations to further guarantee that the sound captured is unchanged and uninterrupted.

The microphone integrates easily with DSLR cameras for use in various environments. Equipped with a 3.5mm TRRS connector, the ZSG-1 is compatible with DSLR cameras, portable recorders, and the Zoom F4 and F8n field recorders. According to Zoom, the ZSG-1 also works excellent with the Zoom H3-VR Virtual Reality audio recorder, allowing for optimal sound capture for VR video production.

The mic is available for purchase now from authorized Zoom dealers. Additionally, it includes a foam windscreen, pouch, and an instruction sheet. The ZSG-1, with its lightweight and simple design, is sure to revolutionize audio production for content creators.

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