Zhiyun Unveils Powerful Combo Kits with CRANE-M3S & WEEBILL-3S Gimbals

Zhiyun Announces CRANE-M3S & WEEBILL-3S Gimbals with Combo Kits

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Zhiyun Announces CRANE-M3S & WEEBILL-3S Gimbals with Combo Kits

Zhiyun, the industry-leading gimbal brand, recently launched two new gimbal bodies with combo kits to give users superior control over their shots. The CRANE-M3S and WEEBILL-3S offer filmmakers of all skill levels a way to turn their shots into cinematic masterpieces.

The two new gimbals feature a quick response design to capture smooth and stable footage. Thanks to their highly adjustable settings, users will have complete control over their shots no matter the shooting environment. The CRANE-M3S is equipped with a SPIN-axis motor and a SLAM-axis motor, giving users the flexibility to adjust the motors to fit their shooting needs, while the WEEBILL-3S is designed with a dual-arm style SLAM-axis motor, giving filmmakers unprecedented control over their shots.

The combo kits offered by Zhiyun are also great for filmmakers looking to switch up their shooting styles. Each kit includes a variety of accessories, from batteries and lenses to remote triggers and mini tripods. These accessories provide filmmakers with the freedom to go wherever their projects take them without having to worry about running out of power or filming limitations.

The newly released gimbals and combo kits are sure to be a hit with video makers and content creators around the globe. With their highly adjustable settings and varied accessories, the CRANE-M3S and WEEBILL-3S help filmmakers take their craft to the next level. If you’re looking for a superior gimbal to turn your shots into cinematic masterpieces, you can’t go wrong with Zhiyun.

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