Video Production

Gear reviews, how-to’s, and latest news, from corporate video production to documentary filmmaking to our advice on video production services.

Parabolic Microphone: Soundshark

Parabolic microphones are a staple of sports and nature videography, but now there is a small, on-camera parabolic microphone that might just change the way you shoot documentaries, weddings, and corporate videos.

Canon XC10 and XC15

After extensive use, we review the Canon XC10 and XC15 as both a tool for multimedia journalists, as well as a B-cam to C300mkII video projects.

Flexible LED Lights

Several years after the original Flex light was introduced, there are now a few alternatives out there. We review and recommend one flexible LED light mat.

Rolling Camera Bags

We review the Think Tank Photo Video Transport 20 Rolling Camera Bag, and the Tenba Cineluxe Roller 21 doctor-style carry-on case.


We review the SmallHD FOCUS On-Camera Field Monitor, a 5-inch external monitor that many videographers have longed for. At $499, it’s a no brainer.

Letus Gimbal Setup

A step by step guide to PID tuning your Canon C100 or C300 camera on the Letus Helix Jr and Letus Helix Standard gimbals.

Gimbal Support: Letus Exo17

Carrying a heavy camera gimbal rig can be exhausting. But Letus has a new solution that is lighter, more compact, and more affordable than the Easyrig.

Miller Air Carbon Fiber Tripod

We believe the Miller Air Carbon Fiber Tripod System is the best solution for DSLR, Mirrorless, or Cinema Camera shooters. Read our review to find out why.

Audio Repair in Videography

A tutorial on how to fix common audio issues from video interviews in the field, using Izotope RX DeReverb and Zynaptiq Unveil.

Edelkrone Slider One

Does the world's most portable camera slider deserve a place in your everyday filmmaking kit? We review the Edelkrone SliderONE.

Letus Helix Jr and Standard

The Letus Helix and Canon Cinema Cameras just became a better combo with new motors with encoders, plus our very own hand grip solution.