Video Production

Gear reviews, how-to’s, and latest news, from corporate video production to documentary filmmaking to our advice on video production services.

MZed – Online Filmmaking School at a Discount

Sitting somewhere between free Youtube video tutorials and tuition for film school, MZed offers online filmmaking courses at a huge discount to what cinematography education would normally cost by traveling to workshops or purchasing online courses.

Sony FS7 DIY Camera Repair

Need to repair your Sony FS7, FS7 II, or FS5 viewfinder? Here's a DIY guide that costs far less than sending the camera in for repair.

Color Grading Masterclass from MZed

MZed has just launched Mastering Color, an 8-hour color grading masterclass that will finally answer all your questions about color correction, grading, looks, LUTS, hardware panels, HDR, and more.

Video Production Services

There are hundreds video production services - how can you quickly pinpoint the type of video you want? This infographic will help videographers and marketing clients communicate exactly what they want to produce.

Canon C200 Review

Looking for a Canon C200 review? We took it on an extensive production for a real world test, not just a specs sheet.