Are Vallerret Winter Photography Gloves Worth It?


Searching for the ideal winter gloves to maintain hands warm while taking photos can be a difficult task for professional photographers. Vallerret winter photography gloves offer an exceptional solution for creatives who need both warmth and dexterity in their gear. In this article, we will delve into the various models available from Vallerret, each designed with specific features catering to different types of photographers.

We will explore the Markhof Pro Model’s genuine goat leather material and dual knit Polartec® fabric insulation; the Ipsoot Model’s Primaloft Gold insulation technology and 100% Merino wool lining for extreme cold protection; Urbex Street Photography Glove’s touch screen compatible fingertips and fluffy Polartec Fleece material; Tinden Flip-Tech Gloves’ overlapping finger caps designed for quick access to camera controls; Skadi Zipper Pocket Gloves’ integrated storage pocket ideal for small accessories.

Furthermore, we’ll compare Vallerret gloves with popular Amazon photography gloves on aspects such as insulation levels, touch screen compatibility, removable finger cap options, and price point breakdown. Finally, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of thick vs thinner gloves in terms of warmth provided by thicker ones versus dexterity offered by thinner alternatives.

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Vallerret Winter Photography Gloves Overview

vellerret tinden gloves

Vallerret is a renowned brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing winter photography gloves. These gloves are specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of photographers who venture into cold and harsh environments to capture stunning winter landscapes, wildlife, or action shots. Vallerret gloves are engineered with a combination of functionality, dexterity, and warmth to ensure that photographers can operate their cameras effectively even in freezing temperatures.

One popular glove model offered by Vallerret is the Markhof glove. Named after Swedish nature photographer and co-founder of Vallerret, Carl Marklund, the Markhof glove provides an optimal blend of warmth and agility. These gloves feature a merino wool inner lining, Primaloft insulation, and a weather-resistant outer shell, providing excellent heat retention and protection against the elements. The Markhof glove also incorporates flip-tech fingers, allowing photographers to access their camera controls quickly without fully removing their gloves.


Another notable offering from Vallerret is the Ipsoot glove. Built for extreme cold conditions, the Ipsoot glove utilizes a combination of Primaloft insulation and Thinsulate to provide exceptional warmth and insulation. Its durable leather palm enhances grip and ensures longevity, while the flip-top design allows for quick access to your fingertips when precision is required. The Ipsoot glove also features a wrist leash to prevent accidental drops, ensuring the security of your gear in challenging environments.

For photographers who focus on urban and street photography during winter, Vallerret offers the Urbex glove. This glove combines sleek aesthetics with practicality. It features a slim design that allows for easy maneuverability and control of camera buttons and dials. The Urbex glove incorporates a soft and breathable inner lining, a weather-resistant shell, and touch-screen compatible fingertips, enabling photographers to operate their cameras and smartphones without exposing their hands to the cold.

The Tinden glove is designed for active photographers who engage in winter sports or adventurous outdoor pursuits. These gloves offer exceptional versatility, featuring a removable merino wool liner that can be worn independently for added warmth or used in combination with the outer shell. The Tinden glove also incorporates a non-slip palm grip and a secure wrist closure to ensure a snug fit during intense activities.


Finally, Vallerret’s Skadi glove is specifically tailored to meet the demands of female photographers. With a focus on both style and functionality, the Skadi glove offers a slim and elegant design that contours to the female hand shape. It combines a soft merino wool lining with a weather-resistant shell, providing both warmth and protection from the elements. Like other Vallerret gloves, the Skadi glove features flip-tech fingers for easy camera control and touch-screen compatibility for smartphone use.

Overall, Vallerret winter photography gloves cater to the unique requirements of photographers working in cold environments, offering a range of models designed for different activities and preferences. With their attention to detail, insulation, functionality, and style, Vallerret gloves have become a popular choice among photographers seeking to capture stunning images in winter conditions.

Markhof Pro glove


The Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 (also known as V3 in some listings) is a high-quality glove designed specifically for photographers who are working in cold environments. The gloves are designed to be both functional and stylish, and they offer several key features:

  • FlipTech finger caps: These gloves come with finger caps on the thumb and index finger that can be flipped back. This allows for quick access to camera buttons and a smartphone. The finger caps are designed with magnets inside, so when you flip them up, they connect to others, holding them in place​.
  • Materials: The gloves are made from a combination of goat leather, DWR (durable water repellent) shell, and suede. This makes them durable, water-resistant, and comfortable to wear. They have a lining made from 100% Merino wool, which gives them a soft feeling and makes them comfortable to use. Additionally, the Pro 2.0 version incorporates a Thinsulate layer between the Merino and the suede, which helps to fight off the bitter winds and build-up of cold. On the palms of both gloves is a no-slip grip, which comes in the form of textured rubber. This is great for using gear when it is cold and wet, and also handy when you need to hold on to things while accessing cold areas​.
  • Design and Ergonomics: These gloves have a two-tone grey and black color scheme that will go with everything. They are designed to be ergonomic and durable. The gloves also come with a jersey cuff, which helps to keep the warmth in the gloves. The holes that let your finger and thumb through are tight, meaning the warmth stays in the gloves​.
  • Extras: The gloves come with a few extra features that many other photography gloves don’t have. On the back of both gloves is a zippered pocket that can be used to hold small tools, such as a tripod key (included) or an Allen key for tightening gear. The seams are sealed, ensuring that moisture doesn’t get in. There’s also microfiber on the back of the gloves, which can be used to clean off your LCD camera or smartphone easily​.

One thing to note is that these gloves don’t have touch screen fabric on the fingertips or thumb. This means you’ll need to flip back the finger caps to interact with touch screens​.

Ipsoot model

The Ipsoot model offers maximum insulation with Primaloft Gold padding and a durable goat leather exterior, making it the perfect choice for photographers who need extra warmth during their winter shoots.


Here is a short summary of the Vallerret Ipsoot Glove:

  • The outer shell of the glove is made of authentic goat skin leather, which offers durability and robustness. The inner layers of the gloves are made of 100% Merino wool, which feels comfortable, soft, and warm.
  • The gloves feature unique finger caps for the index finger and thumb, providing better dexterity and touchscreen compatibility.
  • They have snug wrist bands made of jersey cuffs, ensuring a comfortable fit that prevents cool wind and water from entering.
  • The gloves are equipped with stash pockets which can be useful for storing small items like memory cards, or small hot packs for extra warmth.
  • The palm of the glove features a non-slip design to ensure a good grip on your gear despite the gloves’ thickness..
  • There is a built-in glass wiper at the back of the thumb, which can be used to wipe dust or fog from a camera lens.
  • The glove provides good insulation and warmth, with a Merino wool liner and an additional Thinsulate membrane.
  • The gloves are weatherproof, being both water and windproof, with a 2-ply twill outer shell for increased resistance.
  • The gloves are known for their excellent quality and durability, their wind and water resistance, their finger caps and snug wrist straps, and they are true to size. However, they may not be the best choice for sensitive hands and are bulkier than other products from the same brand.

Urbex Street Photography Glove


The Urbex Street Photography Glove boasts an ultra-thin design that allows for full dexterity while keeping your hands warm, making it ideal for urban explorers and street photographers.

Here are some key points:

  • The Urbex glove is designed with a non-slip grip to provide a steady hold on your photography gear, ensuring that your camera doesn’t slip out of your hands​.
  • It features a waterproof shell, which is important for photographers who shoot in wet conditions. This feature ensures that even if you’re shooting in the rain or snow, your gear won’t get soaked​.
  • The glove is designed with Thinsulate insulation to provide warmth in cold conditions, although they may not be the warmest gloves on the market​.
  • The fingertips of the glove are touchscreen compatible, allowing you to interact with your touchscreen devices without removing the gloves​.
  • The Urbex glove has a zipper pocket that can be used to store small items, such as a spare SD card. This feature makes it easier for photographers to carry and access their spare cards without having to dig through their bags​.
  • The outer shell of the glove is made of twill, a durable fabric that provides additional water and wind resistance, ensuring that you can continue your photography even in harsh weather conditions.
  • The glove has an SD-card pocket that provides quick and easy access to your storage cards without having to dig in your bag​.
  • Pros of the Urbex glove include its excellent quality, mid-price point, wind and water resistance, and true-to-size fit. The main con is that it might not be the warmest option available​​.



Tinden glove with Flip-Tech finger caps

The Tinden glove offers versatility with its Flip-Tech finger caps that can be easily flipped open for precise camera adjustments, then closed again to keep your hands warm.


  • Designed for winter photography and other outdoor pursuits.
  • Features a unisex design, suitable for both men and women.
  • Material composition is a blend of 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic.
  • The gloves are warm, fast-drying, and durable.
  • Provides excellent insulation.
  • Equipped with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating for protection against the cold or wet.
  • Features FlipTech finger caps that allow your fingers to be free without removing the gloves for easier camera operation.
  • Grippy palm print for secure camera handling.
  • Jersey wrist cuff for a secure fit


Skadi model with integrated storage pocket

The Skadi model is perfect for photographers who need quick access to their gear, with an integrated storage pocket on the back of the hand and touch screen compatible index/thumb tips.


  • The Skadi PSP Photography Mitt is a versatile glove that can be used as a regular glove, a mitt, or a fingerless glove.
  • It features a ‘FlipTech’ finger cap design with magnets, allowing for easy access to camera controls without removing the entire glove.
  • The glove also comes with a stash pocket for small items like an SD card or a hand warmer.
  • It has a non-slip grip to ensure your gear doesn’t slip from your hands.
  • The glove is made of high-quality materials for durability and comfort, including goat leather, 2 ply DWR suede, and a 100% merino wool lining.
  • It is also weather resistant, with insulation that can withstand cold winter conditions.


Comparing Vallerret Gloves vs. Popular Amazon Photography Gloves

Our detailed guide compares Vallerret gloves to popular Amazon photography gloves, highlighting factors like insulation levels, touch screen compatibility, and price points.

Insulation levels comparison

  • Vallerret: Thinsulate insulation & merino wool lining (depending on the model)
  • Amazon: Various materials such as fleece or synthetic fibers used for insulation

Touch screen compatibility differences

  • Vallerret: All models feature touch screen compatible fingertips
  • Amazon: Some models may not have this functionality

Thick vs. Thin Winter Photography Gloves: Which is Right for You?

Comparing thick and thin gloves for winter photography, let us help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Thick Gloves

  • Warmth: Keep your hands toasty with Vallerret Photography Gloves made with merino wool.
  • Durability: Thick gloves like the Ipsoot model from Vallerret are built to last, so you won’t have to replace them every season.
  • Better wind chill protection: Protect your hands from the elements with gloves that offer wind chill protection.

Disadvantages of Thick Gloves

  • Limited dexterity: Thick gloves can make it difficult to operate camera controls or touch screen devices, but Vallerret’s thinner models offer better dexterity.
  • Bulkiness: Bulky gloves can be inconvenient to carry around during shoots, but Vallerret’s lightweight gloves won’t weigh you down.

Whether you choose thick or thin gloves, Vallerret offers a variety of glove models to fit your needs. Check out their collection and get insider sneak peeks on their blog for free winter presets and articles tagged with winter photography tips.

Touch Screen Capability Advantages in Winter Photography Gloves

Winter photography can be challenging, but Vallerret photography gloves with touch screen capability make it easier.

  • Faster camera adjustments: Save time by adjusting camera settings without removing your gloves.
  • Easier smartphone usage: Stay connected and productive without exposing your hands to the cold.
  • Better control over equipment: Touch-sensitive fingertips provide better grip and precision.
  • Maintaining warmth & comfort: Retain full functionality without sacrificing warmth provided by Merino wool insulation layers.

Check out Vallerret’s Markhof Pro or Ipsoot models for varying levels of insulation and dexterity, and look for free winter presets to enhance your photography experience.

Top-Rated Winter Photography Gloves per Price Point

Finding the right winter photography gloves can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered with a selection of top-rated items for various price ranges.


  1. Under $50: Stay on budget with the Freehands Men’s Stretch Thinsulate Gloves, which offer decent insulation and removable finger caps for easy camera operation.
  2. $50 – $100: Upgrade to the popular Markhof Pro glove from Vallerret, made with merino wool lining and flip-tech finger caps for added convenience during cold weather shoots.
  3. Above $100: Invest in premium quality gear with the high-end Ipsoot model by Vallerret, featuring excellent insulation and complete wind chill protection with touch screen compatible fingertips.

When selecting gloves, bear in mind your individual requirements and likes, especially if you frequently record videos or create YouTube content in extreme cold.

Stay updated on new glove models and get exclusive access to Vallerret insider sneak peeks by subscribing to their newsletter. Check out Vallerret articles tagged with winter photography tips for expert advice on capturing stunning images during colder months. And enhance your winter photos by downloading some free winter presets from Vallerret.


FAQs in Relation to Vallerret Winter Photography Gloves

What features make Vallerret winter photography gloves ideal for cold weather?

Vallerret winter photography gloves are designed with a combination of genuine goat leather, dual knit Polartec® fabric, Power Stretch Pro Liner, and Primaloft Gold insulation technology. These materials provide excellent warmth and comfort while maintaining dexterity for camera controls. Touch screen compatible fingertips allow easy use of devices without removing the gloves.

How do the Vallerret winter photography gloves keep your hands warm while taking photos?

The Vallerret gloves utilize multiple layers of insulation to keep your hands warm in cold conditions. They feature 100% Merino wool lining, fluffy Polartec Fleece material, and double-layered insulation that traps heat effectively. The overlapping Flip-Tech finger caps design also helps retain warmth when accessing camera controls.

Are there any special materials used in the construction of Vallerret winter photography gloves?

Yes, Vallerret uses high-quality materials such as genuine goat leather for durability and grip; dual knit Polartec® fabric for insulation; Power Stretch Pro Liner for flexibility; Primaloft Gold insulation technology to maintain warmth even when wet; and 100% Merino wool lining which is moisture-wicking and odor-resistant.

Does the design of Vallerret winter photography gloves allow you to use touchscreen devices without removing them?

Absolutely. All models of Vallerret’s winter photography glove line have touch screen compatible fingertips made from conductive fabrics or leathers. This allows photographers to easily operate smartphones or other touchscreen devices without needing to remove their gloves in cold environments.

Are there different sizes available for Vallerret winter photography gloves?

Valleret offers a wide range of sizes (XS to XXL) for their winter photography gloves, ensuring a comfortable fit for most hand sizes. To find the perfect size, measure your hand according to Vallerret’s sizing guide and select the appropriate glove model based on your measurements.


Looking for winter photography gloves that keep your hands warm and your creativity flowing? Look no further than Vallerret’s range of options, including the Markhof Pro Model’s genuine goat leather and dual knit Polartec® fabric for insulation and the Urbex Street Photography Glove’s touch screen compatible fingertips and fluffy Polartec Fleece material.

Thicker gloves offer more warmth, while thinner gloves provide greater dexterity – it’s all about personal preference and specific needs. But compared to popular Amazon photography gloves, Vallerret gloves stand out with their high-quality materials and attention to detail at a reasonable price point.

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