Upgrade Your Wireless Video System with Hollyland Mars 400S PRO II

Introducing Hollyland’s Mars 400S PRO II Wireless Video System

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Introducing Hollyland’s Mars 400S PRO II Wireless Video System

Hollyland has once again solidified their reputation as reliable manufacturers of high-quality video streaming solutions with the launch of their Mars 400S PRO II wireless video system. The system builds on the success of the Mars 400S PRO, which they gained much acclaim for. This time, Hollyland has created a more powerful and versatile system that can be used in a wide variety of settings.

The Mars 400S PRO II is a dual-channel transmitter and receiver, enabling it to manage two HD video signals at once. With this new system, users can stream two 1080p60 video signals with zero delay. It utilizes the latest 5GHz wireless transmission technology for maximum stability and reliability. Hollyland has also added an additional receive antenna, which further increases the range and robustness of the signal.

The Mars 400S PRO II offers a number of additional features that make it more appealing to users in the broadcast and filmmaking industries. It has an OLED screen for an enhanced user experience, and two rows of buttons with customizable functions for quick and easy operation. Additionally, the built-in AES 256 encryption offers an additional layer of security for sensitive video transmissions.

Hollyland’s Mars 400S PRO II wireless video system is an impressive piece of equipment that offers users the ability to stream two HD video signals wirelessly without delay. It is the perfect solution for professionals who need robust and reliable wireless video transmission in a variety of settings. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the Mars 400S PRO II is sure to be a must-have for broadcast and filmmaking professionals.

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