Upgrade Your Lighting Setup with the GVM 672S-B Bi-Color LED Light Panel 3-Light Kit

GVM 672S-B Bi-Color LED Light Panel (3-Light Kit) GVM-672S-B3L

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The GVM 672S-B Bi-Color LED Light Panel (3-Light Kit)

GVM-672S-B3L provides professional lighting for photography and videography.

High-Quality Lighting

The GVM 672S-B features bi-color LEDs that provide adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K, ensuring accurate and consistent lighting for any shooting environment.

Dimmable and Flicker-Free

With a wide dimming range of 10% to 100%, the GVM-672S-B3L allows for precise control over the brightness of the lights. The lights are also flicker-free, ensuring smooth and consistent lighting for video recording.

Flexibility and Portability

Each LED light panel is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up on location. The kit also comes with a carrying case for added convenience.

Versatile Mounting Options

The GVM 672S-B LED lights can be mounted on a light stand or used handheld, offering flexibility in how they can be positioned for different shooting scenarios.

Multiple Power Options

These LED lights can be powered by either AC power or rechargeable batteries, allowing for both studio and on-the-go use.

Enhanced Control with Remote

The included remote control enables easy adjustment of brightness and color temperature settings without the need to manually adjust each individual light.


The GVM 672S-B Bi-Color LED Light Panel (3-Light Kit) offers professional-grade lighting for photographers and videographers, with its high-quality, dimmable, and versatile design.

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