Upgrade Your Lighting Game with the Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight!

Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight (V-Mount) APA0173A20

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Introducing the Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight

The Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight (V-Mount) APA0173A20 is a powerful and lightweight LED monolight created for photographers and videographers looking for professional lighting solutions that they can depend on. It offers pro-level lighting performance with unmatched flexibility and adjustability. This versatile LED monolight is perfect for both still photography and video projects.

Unrivaled Power

A unique feature that sets the Aputure LS 600x Pro apart from other LED monolights is its incredible power output. With a maximum output of 600W, it is one of the most powerful LED monolights on the market. This ensures that you can easily overpower the sun, as well as create spectacular lighting effects indoors and outdoors.

Intuitive Controls

The LS 600x Pro features an intuitive control panel that makes adjusting your lighting setup easy and fast. You can control the color temperature manually or remotely, and there are also a wide range of creative functions available. With the LS 600x Pro, you always have full creative control of your lighting setup.

Mitigate Heat

Heat is one of the major downsides to using traditional lighting systems, but this is not an issue with the LS 600x Pro. It features a number of built-in cooling systems and vents to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently for a comfortable shooting environment. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about overheating or burning yourself when manipulating the lighting.

A Reliable Workhorse

The beauty of the LS 600x Pro is that it is both powerful and reliable. Its durable construction and built-in cooling systems make it an ideal choice for prolonged and demanding shoots. You can count on the LS 600x Pro to perform consistently, even in challenging lighting scenarios.


The Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight (V-Mount) APA0173A20 is an advanced and powerful lighting solution that is designed to meet the needs of the modern photographer and videographer. It offers incredible power output, intuitive controls, efficient cooling, and unmatched reliability. It truly is the ultimate lighting solution for professional photographers and videographers.

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