Upgrade Your Digital Cinema Setup with the RED KOMODO-X 6K Camera Starter Pack!

RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO-X 6K Camera Starter Pack 710-0386 B&H

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Expand Your Cinematic Horizons – RED Digital Cinema’s Komodo-X 6K Camera Starter Pack 710-0386 from B&H combines an expansive 6K digital cinema camera with a selection of quality accessories, so you’re ready to shoot professional videos on day one.

Options in Video Production Quality – The Komodo-X utilizes the Super 35mm-sized Komodo 6K sensor with an effective resolution of 5120 x 2700, offering 13 stops of dynamic range and native support for the REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes formats. In addition, an interchangeable lens mount accommodates a variety of lens options, and an impressive ISO sensitivity can expand the look of your shots. To help you take advantage of these features, the Starter Pack includes two RED Mini-Mag media cards along with a REDstation SSD reader.

The Essentials and More – Bundled with the camera, you will also find an LP-E6NP battery for onboard power, and a Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable for external video preview. Aside from the camera itself, the package includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty and additional mounts to ensure stability during professional-level shoots. Also, you can plug in the provided cables into the RED Touch 4.7″ LCD to access basic camera controls and to review footage.

Personalize Your Creative Experience – Apart from the useful accessories, the Starter Pack also offers the RED MSMC top handle to provide ergonomic and secure handheld operability. Moreover, an integrated lightweight shoulder pad with offset shoulder mount features a convenient handle for precise control and versatility. This customized and detail-oriented setup helps filmmakers, video creators, and content creators capture high-resolution videos with maximum comfort.

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