Unlocking Your Workflow with Atomos CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT

Atomos CONNECT & Shogun CONNECT: Unlock Your Workflow

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Atomos CONNECT & Shogun CONNECT: Unlock Your Workflow

Atomos and Shogun are offering groundbreaking solutions to digital filmmakers and content creators with their CONNECT solutions. The CONNECT range of products from Atomos and Shogun harness the power of the broadcast-grade Atomos Shogun range of record and playback devices, as well as the user experience of the Ninja V and Flame series devices.

From streaming, sharing, and editing, to recording video in 4K and beyond, Atomos and Shogun have you covered. With CONNECT, you can stream live video directly to remote devices, share files and metadata with external sources, and begin editing on multiple types of media right away. It supports a wide range of recording codecs and frame rates, and will allow you to seamlessly transition from one type of media to another without the need for any additional hardware.

The CONNECT range also gives you the freedom to collaborate remotely. With CONNECT, you can easily share your work with colleagues and clients in various locations, so that everyone is always kept up to date and able to provide feedback. This makes for a streamlined workflow in any collaborative environment.

Atomos and Shogun CONNECT also bring the power of the cloud to your workflow. By connecting to your online storage, you can access your files from anywhere, as well as being able to store and share your projects in the cloud. This means that your projects are always accessible, even when you are not in the same location as your system.

The CONNECT range of products from Atomos and Shogun is an easy and efficient way to unlock your workflow It helps you to quickly and easily switch between different types of media, stream and collaborate on projects over long distances, and store and share your work in the cloud. This makes it the perfect solution for digital filmmakers and content creators.

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