Unlock Your Creativity With the Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera!

Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera (Body Only) (EF-Mount) 2216C002

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Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera (Body Only) (EF-Mount) 2216C002

Create high-resolution video content with the Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera (Body Only) (EF-Mount) 2216C002. The Canon EOS C200B offers professional-level performance with high quality imaging for high-end video applications. The camera features a 8.85MP CMOS image sensor, Dual DIGIC DV6 image processor, compatibility with the Canon EF mount lens system, and 4K video capture. It also offers fast readout speeds, a wide dynamic range, and 12 stops of dynamic range. This model specifically provides you with the camera body only.

Capture stunning cinematic-quality video deliberately. While capturing your media, you can find the settings you’re looking for quickly and easily thanks to vividly colored LCD displays conveniently built into the camera. With a wide selection of frame rates available from 24 fps all the way to 120 fps and beyond, you can shoot with cinematic quality in both high resolutions and in cinema RAW Light.

The Canon EF mount lens system is compatible with cinematography-grade lenses. Canon’s EF mount lenses offer a wide range of options to suit any cinematographer. The EF mount is compatible with not only Canon EF lenses, but also almost any third-party lenses with an EF mount. You can even make use of Canon’s impressive dual pixel autofocus system to help you capture shots with crystal-clear focus and sharpness.

Building upon the already impressive Canon EOS platform. This camera takes the basics that you already love and uses them to give you the perfect experience. It has the same processing power, dual pixel autofocus, interchangeable lenses, and more. This ensures that you can capture the perfect image and color rendition every time. Additionally, you can make use of the remote controllability and Dual Pixel Autofocus system to further refine your shots.

Capture with ease. Its streamlined external design ensures that you can have everything recorded quickly and accurately without the need for any extra bulky devices. With the easy to use controls, you can access all the settings and functions you need with a few simple clicks. You can also easily transfer your footage to your editing computer of choice thanks to the connectivity this model provides.

In Summary

The Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera (Body Only) (EF-Mount) 2216C002 is a powerful camera geared towards higher-end video production. It utilizes the reliable Canon EF mount lens system, with compatibility for third-party lenses, and allows you to capture 4K video with a wide dynamic range of 12 stops. You can find the settings quickly and easily with the vivid LCD displays, and use the Dual Pixel Autofocus system for clear focus every time

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