Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Kelvin Play Pro LED Light Panel Kit

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Kelvin Play Pro RGB LED Light Panel (Diffuser & Hip Pouch Kit)

Kelvin Play Pro RGB LED Light Panel is a lightweight and compact lighting system that is designed for professional photographers and videographers. It features a unique design that combines the flexibility of a powered RGB LED panel, the diffuser of a white card, and the convenience of a hip pouch kit. The light panel is available in several styles and configurations, making it easy to customize to fit any project’s needs.


Kelvin Play Pro RGB LED Light Panel comes in two different styles, each offering its own unique features. The “Standard” panel allows for fine adjustments of the light’s power and intensity, as well as a dimmable output. The “Pro” panel features a full color temperature range from 2,200K to 10,000K, adjustable brightness from 0-100%, and an adjustable output from 0-100%.


This product comes in three different configurations, depending on the user’s needs. The “Duo” configuration features two RGB panels, which can be used together to create one complete lighting system. The “Quad” configuration features four RGB panels, allowing for the creation of a 4-source setup. Finally, the “Giant” configuration features eight RGB panels for a full 8-source setup.

Diffuser & Hip Pouch Kit

The Kelvin Play Pro RGB LED Light Panel comes with a Diffuser & Hip Pouch Kit. The diffuser slips over the light panel to help disperse the light, giving a softer, more even light output. It also comes with a hip pouch to store and carry the light panel.

Overall, the Kelvin Play Pro RGB LED Light Panel is an ideal choice for professional photographers and videographers looking for a lightweight, compact lighting solution with plenty of customization options. With its adjustable power, color temperature, and brightness settings, this lighting system is sure to meet any project’s needs.

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