Unlock Your Aerial Creativity with These Five Nimble EXO Drones from B&H

Five Nimble EXO Drones to Choose from at B&H

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Five Nimble EXO Drones to Choose from at B&H

Whether for aerial photography or just recreational flying, here is a list of five nimble EXO drones to choose from at B&H.

EXO Edge Equipped with 4K 20 MP Camera

The EXO Edge comes equipped with a 4K 20 MP camera to help shoot your best shots and captures of the scenery. It also comes with a transmission device that let’s you send your visual content wirelessly across the globe. It is equipped with 3-axis stabilization for smooth and stable flights, and obstacle avoidance sensors for accurate navigational data.

EXO Micro Featuring Voice Control

The EXO Micro features voice control capabilities, enabling you to control the drone with the simple commands of your voice. It is lightweight, weighing only a few ounces, so you can easily carry it wherever you go. It also comes with a brushless motor for efficient operation and an intuitive app control interface for quick access to its functions.

EXO Prime with an Impressive Flight Time

The EXO Prime is a powerful drone with an impressive flight time of up to 25 minutes. It features a built-in 4K camera for recording 1080p videos and capturing 12 MP images. It also includes a range of automated flight modes to make your aerial photography easier and more efficient.

EXO Explorer with GPS and Intelligent Flight Modes

The EXO Explorer comes with GPS and intelligent flight modes to help with precise navigation and more enjoyable flights. It includes an obstacle avoidance system with eight optical imaging sensors for greater accuracy and five rotating blade guards for safety. It also includes a 1080p HD camera for recording vivid aerial videos.

EXO Element with Infrared Sensors and Follow Me Mode

The EXO Element is a quadcopter designed for adventure seekers with a 2.7K HD camera for stunning pictures and videos. It features infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance, plus a Follow Me Mode so you can track and record your every move. Its intuitive controls make it easy to fly and its long battery life, up to 28 minutes, will keep your excitement going.

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