Unlock Untapped Potential with the Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 Ultra-Wide Lens for Hybrid APS-C Creators

Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8: An Ultra-Wide Lens for Hybrid APS-C Creators

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The Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8: An Ultra-Wide Lens for Hybrid APS-C Creators

The Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 is an outstanding ultra-wide angle lens designed for APS-C sensor format cameras. It is a quality lens that offers a wide range of focal lengths – from 10mm to 18mm – that enables APS-C users to create amazing landscapes, architectural shots, and even portraits. The Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8’s ultra-wide angle of view gently stretches the frame, giving images a unique, wide-angle perspective. With its F/2.8 maximum aperture, this lens ensures clear, vivid and sharp images in a variety of creative settings.

Brilliant Autofocusing Capabilities

The Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 lens combines Sigma’s Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) with an optimized autofocus algorithm. Hyer Sonic Motor (HSM) uses ultrasonic frequency vibrations to power a continuous, smooth and accurate focusing, and the algorithm, for its part, enhances accuracy, reliability and speed even further. This combination provides a lightning-fast autofocus (AF) system and operates quietly for silent shooting.

Capturing Extraordinary Detail and Color

The Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 boasts an innovative lens construction of 14 elements, divided into 11 groups. This offers unsurpassed corner-to-corner sharpness and distortion-free images. An impressive four FLD glass elements and three SLD glass elements also help minimize chromatic aberrations, and a Super Multi-Layer Coating helps reduce flare and ghosting. Sigma has put a lot of effort into making sure the 10-18mm captures beautiful images, with accurate colors and stunning detail.

Moderate Price

Despite its impressive list of features, the Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 is priced reasonably. In fact, it is priced similarly to most standard lenses. This makes it a great choice for the budget-conscious photographer or the hybrid APS-C shooter who wants to take advantage of the ultra-wide angle of view.


If you’re looking for an ultra-wide angle lens for your hybrid APS-C camera, the Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 is an ideal option. It provides crystal-clear images with beautiful color, thanks to its innovative lens construction, and features an autofocus system that is fast, silent and accurate. And its price is just right for any budget. No wonder the Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 is so popular among the hybrid APS-C shooters!

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