Unlock Unprecedented Tone: Check Out 4 New UAFX Guitar Pedals!

4 New Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals

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4 New Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals with Ultimate Flexibility

Universal Audio has released four new UAFX guitar pedals that offer great versatility and sonic capabilities. Empowering musicians with the ability to stay creative in their sound, these pedals offer classic and contemporary amp styles to sculpt the perfect guitar tone.

Klon KTR Re-Amped Overdrive

The Klon KTR Re-Amped Overdrive is the latest edition to Universal Audio’s acclaimed UAFX series. This overdrive pedal has the classic Klon circuit but has been modified with extra flexibility. It provides three distinct modes – ‘Bright’, ‘Killing’, and ‘Classically Toned’ – that capture different amp voicings and guitar tones. It also features adjustable mid-tone control and a three-way switchable output level control giving you more control over your sound.

Silverface Deluxe Reverb Pedal

The Silverface Deluxe Reverb Pedal is a classic addition to the UAFX range. It combines the vintage Fender amp sound with modern features for maximum control and versatility. It features six different reverb effects – including the legendary Fender AB763 sound – as well as separate input and output level controls, and three blend modes.

Plexi Tremolo Pedal

The Plexi Tremolo Pedal unleashes the psychedelic sounds of classic rock. Combining the classic sound of 1960s British amp tremolo with modern controls, it features four customizable speed presets, as well as an expression pedal that can be used to control the speed. It also features an adjustable depth and boost switch, allowing you to create the perfect sounds every time.

Green BEAST Distortion Pedal

The Green BEAST Distortion Pedal is an extreme distortion machine. Providing raw and brutal distortion, it offers four gain stages, as well as adjustable bias and throttle control. It also features four interchangeable clipping voices that can give your sound a truly unique character. With these features, it’s perfect for metal, rock, and any other extreme music styles.

These new UAFX guitar pedals from Universal Audio provide guitarists with unprecedented versatility and sonic capabilities. Whether you want to add subtle ambience to your sound, extreme distortion, or recreate classic amp sounds, these pedals have you covered.

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