Unlock the Theater Experience with Hisense PX1 and PX1-PRO Projectors

Hisense PX1 and PX1-PRO Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projectors

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Hisense PX1 and PX1-PRO Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projectors

The latest in the range of high-tech projectors from Hisense bring an ultra-short throw setup right to your home. Hisense PX1 and PX1-PRO are the latest additions to the Hisense range of ultra-short throw laser projectors. Both offer amazing imaging capabilities and pressing ahead with laser projection technology. They bring immersive projected images into almost any living room, with stage-like clarity.

A laser-illuminated picture in unparalleled clarity. With Hisense PX1 and PX1-PRO, you won’t be facing any compromise over colour reproduction, contrast, brightness and of course, clarity of projected image. You can get all that just right with these premium ultra-short throw laser projectors. It can adapt to more lighting environments for maximum picture quality and minimum disruption.

The power of Android within a projector. With built-in Android OS, you’ll able to run professional productivity tools, educational applications, games, and other media streaming apps with ease. Not to forget its beautifully detailed visuals, the 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatibility can get the best out of your favourite films and content.

Unparalleled convenience and installation. The PX1 and PX1-PRO can deliver the largest projected image with minimal space requirement, making it perfect for the most cosy and tight living rooms. With laser light source for projecting images, you also don’t have to face the nuisance of replacing or buying lamps. And with WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI, it becomes a breeze to wirelessly cast content from your laptop or mobile devise.

As good as it gets with two models in the range. The two models in the Hisense ultra-short throw laser range: the PX1 and the PX1-PRO offer incredible features for projecting life-sized visuals with consummate ease. Both offer the same great colour reproduction and contrast, but the PRO version has an increased brightness of up to 4,000 ANSI lumens, which means a good clarity of image even in brightly lit rooms.

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