Unlock the Power of Cinematic Imagery with Sony’s CineAlta BURANO Camera

Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera

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Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera

The Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera is a high end professional digital cinema camera. This camera offers advanced 4K and 8K image capture with class-leading features such as up to 15 stops of dynamic range and a wide color gamut. It is also capable of recording a wide variety of formats including Apple ProRes, Sony XAVC-I, MPEG4, AVC Intra 4:2:2 and various other codecs. The camera has a vibrant and reliable sensor with its patented three electrode technology.

The CineAlta BURANO offers an extensive array of output options. It can output 12-bit RAW to external recorders such as the Sony AXS-R7 and the Odyssey 7Q. It has dual live-view outputs and supports HDMI 2.0 which offers up to 4K60p capture and can be combined with other outputs to create a multi-view output. The camera also offers a variety of onboard and external recording options including XAVC-I, XAVC-L, and ProRes.

With its unique body design, the Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera provides a range of advantages. Its lightweight and compact body is constructed out of magnesium alloy and features the CineAlta family’s signature interchangeable lens mount. It has an integrated 4K viewfinder with a microscope-type focus system and it can be powered by either the NP-FZ100 battery or an AC adapter. The camera also has multiple ports for connecting additional accessories.

The Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera is an impressive professional digital cinema camera. Its advanced image capture, varied recording formats, extensive output options, and unique design make it a top choice for filmmakers and cinematographers alike. With its state of the art features and class-leading performance, the Sony CineAlta BURANO is sure to become a favorite amongst professionals.

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