Unlock Professional-Level Vlogging with Apexel’s APL-FL07 RGB LED Video Light Kit

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Apexel APL-FL07 Vlog RGB LED Video Light Kit

This kit has all the lighting needed for vlogging. The Apexel APL-FL07 Vlog RGB LED Video Light Kit is the perfect mix of features, portability, and power for filmmakers on the go. This kit contains 3 LED light panels with a total output of up to 600 lumens and comes with a remote control for customizing the lighting. The kit also includes a filter set for controlling the color temperature, brightness, and saturation of the light for video, photoshoots, and streaming.

Built for portability and convenience. The LED lights in the kit are powered by USB, so they can be plugged into any USB power bank on the go. They’re also lightweight and slim, so they can be carried in a pocket or a bag without any hassle. The lights can be adjusted from 0 – 100% intensity and can be conveniently magnetized for quick and easy set up.

High-performance features for creative control. The RGB LED light panels are color adjustable, offering reliable and accurate lighting at different color temperatures. The color temperature can vary from 3200K to 6500K and can be managed through the included remote control. The lights have a CRI of 95+, which means they can capture colors accurately and faithfully. The filter set also allows for more creative control, enabling photographers and filmmakers to change the brightness, color, and saturation of the lighting.

The perfect balance of power and portability. The Apexel APL-FL07 Vlog RGB LED Video Light Kit is the ideal combination of power and portability. This kit lets filmmakers, photographers, and streamers bring their creative vision to life with reliable and professional-grade lighting on the go. It contains all the necessary lights and accessories for a variety of video, photoshoots, and streaming applications.

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