Unlock Professional Level Quality with the JVC GY-HC500 Studio Package

JVC GY-HC500 Slim Triple-Camera Studio Package GYHC500SLS3 B&H

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JVC GY-HC500 Slim Triple-Camera Studio Package GYHC500SLS3 B&H

The JVC GY-HC500 Slim Triple-Camera Studio Package GYHC500SLS3 B&H is the perfect solution for a multi-camera production. This affordable and space-saving package provides three high quality HD cameras along with a selection of accessories to enable a fully functional studio setup. The GY-HC500 cameras feature three 1/2″ CMOS sensors that capture Full HD-resolution video at 50Mbps in H.264 formats, while the advanced image processing delivers improved color reproduction and dynamic range.

The GY-HC500s offer a wide range of recording features. They can record up to 1080i/50 in the 16:9 aspect ratio, or 720p/59.94 in the 4:3 aspect ratio. Video can be captured to the cameras’ dual SDXC memory card slots, and they feature an SDI output as well as two HDMI outputs for connecting third-party monitors. Additionally, a two-position neutral density filter can be toggled based on the available light.

The included accessories make it easy to set up the studio quickly. The package includes three GY-HC500 cameras and three tripods, as well as three AC adapters and three AA batteries. A convenient and robust mount is also included, enabling the cameras to be used with larger tripods.

With the GY-HC500 Slim Triple-Camera Studio Package from JVC, a studio can be set up quickly and efficiently. This reliable and easy-to-use system provides a great solution for multi-camera productions. With built-in features such as enhanced color processing, dual SDXC card slots, and two HDMI outputs, the GY-HC500 provides everything a studio needs in a compact and affordable package.

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