Unlock New Horizons with the JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder and M.2 SSD Media Adapter Kit

JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder with M.2 SSD Media Adapter Kit, Styles, Configurations

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JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder

The JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder is an ideal combination of performance, ergonomics, and features. This state-of-the-art camcorder offers superior 4K processing and advanced recording and streaming capabilities. With its built-in M.2 SSD Media Adapter Kit, the GY-HC500U enables the user to quickly transfer footage from the camcorder to storage devices. Combining the latest technologies with an ergonomic design, the GY-HC500U is a versatile camera that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Styles & Configurations

The JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder is available in two stylish designs. The main difference between the two styles is the color. The gray version is the more traditional look and is suited to studio production. The second choice is the charcoal black version, which is perfect for outdoor shoots. Both versions offer the same exceptional performance and features.

The GY-HC500U comes in two different configurations. The base model comes with a fixed M.2 SSD card media adapter kit that supports recording in H.265 formats. The second configuration includes an upgradeable version of the M.2 SSD card media adapter that enables recording in 4K UHD and SD formats. Both configurations provide the same superior performance and features that make this camcorder so popular.

Features & Connectivity

The GY-HC500U is equipped with a wide range of features and advanced connectivity. The included M.2 SSD card media adapter kit allows for recording in H.265 format. The camcorder also features a large 3.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display with user-friendly controls and features like auto focus, exposure control, and 4K Ultra HD recording. Additionally, the GY-HC500U offers a range of connectivity options, including an Ethernet port, HDMI input, and SDI output.

The JVC GY-HC500U 4K Pro Camcorder is an impressive piece of equipment. With its ergonomic design, superior 4K processing power, and advanced connectivity options, it is perfect for professional video production. The included M.2 SSD media adapter kit and stylish design make it ideal for a variety of applications and environments. Whether you are shooting a commercial, a feature film, or a nature documentary, the GY-HC500U offers a great combination of performance and features.

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