Unlock Infinite 6K Cinematic Opportunities with the Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 Camera

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera (Active PL Mount), Styles, Configurations

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Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera

The Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera redefines cinematic imaging

Kinefinity has been revolutionizing the cinematic imaging world with its cutting-edge MAVO Mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera. Offering Active PL Mount (water-sealed) with mount adapters, this digital cinema camera improves efficiency and image quality greatly, compared to previous models. The MAVO Mark2 offers 6K CinemaDNG files with 16-bit color precision using the latest in color science. With its unique design, it provides minimal dust and debris while increasing effective image area catching capability.

The MAVO Mark2 is capable of capturing lush colors with low noise levels

The Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 utilizes its innovative RAW processing algorithms, enabling it to provide low noise levels and stunning colors. The camera is provided with White Balance and Custom Color Grading adjustments, allowing for further fine-tuning of captured images. The sensors used in manufacturing this camera also offer great dynamic range and wide color gamut rendition capabilities, ensuring accuracy while enhancing creative control.

The MAVO Mark2 comes in a range of styles and configurations

The MAVO Mark2 is available in a few styles and configurations, each of them having different capabilities and built with different components. Basic Styles include the 4K Open Gate and 6K Full Frame Open Gate, which offer different resolutions and sensor sizes. The Elite Styles include 6K Raw Half-Base, 6K Raw Full-Base, and 8K Full-Base offering more capabilities, higher resolutions, and better noise performance. The Configurations available are the LX, EX, SX, and CST models, designed to meet different users with different requirements due to their precise and fine-tuned components.

The MAVO Mark2 enables cinematographers to capture beautiful cinematic imagery

The Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera offers the latest in digital imaging technology. Thanks to its Active PL Mount (water-sealed) and its range of Styles and Configurations, users can capture beautiful and accurate cinematic imagery in a variety of resolutions. It provides precise color reproduction, high dynamic range rendition, and minimal noise levels, enabling the creation of amazing images

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