Unlock Endless Possibilities with the Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel

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Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel: Versatility in Style and Configuration

Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel brings superior versatility and creative expression to lighting professionals. With a 4 x 4′ panel housing two rows of LEDs and an adjustable color temperature of 3200-5600K, users can select a specific or blended temperature for their lighting needs. This panel from Godox has an impressive CRI/TLCI of 95/96, a bright 12000 Lumen output, and an exceptional 0%-100% dimming feature. It also features a built in U-Bracket, as well as a Bowens mount for accessories, for greater flexibility in a projects look.

The F600Bi has incredible design capabilities to give creators the freedom to light their shots exactly how they desire. It’s dual color modes allow users to blend 2 colors together, for a greater range of color to work with. The built in OLED display panel is easy to use and lets users adjust the brightness, and quickly switch between color temperatures. It also offers several DMX channel options for filmmakers, videographers, and photographers who can take advantage of control via a DMX controller.

Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel gives users the power to customize their lighting setup in any way they see fit. Whether users need to create a bright daylight scene or an intimate moody setting, it can cater to a wide variety of setups and production atmospheres. With the ability to adjust the light scatters, users can add or subtract light output for their desired look. Additionally, its robust build quality and powerful cooling system give it the durability to be an invaluable asset on set.

Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel has become an industry standard for lighting professionals who need to create dynamic lighting scenarios. Its surprising price point for the quality of light, makes it an attractive option particularly for documentaries, on-location shoots, and web content creators. For the versatility in style and configuration, Godox F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel delivers standout lighting performance and a powerful lighting solution.

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