Unlock Creative Power with Aputure Electro Storm CS15 RGB LED Monolight!

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Aputure Electro Storm CS15 RGB LED Monolight, Styles, Configurations & Kits

The Aputure Electro Storm CS15 is a full-spectrum monolight with robust power output and a stunning design. This unique light has become a favorite of photographers seeking versatile lighting options in numerous situations. It has variable color temperature settings that range from 2,700K to 10,000K, and its incredibly narrow beam angle of 30 degrees makes it ideal for fashion and macro studio photography. It also features a number of controllable beam-spread options, which allow for a wide range of effects. The CS15 comes in several styles, configurations and kits, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs.

The CS15’s monolight design is both elegant and versatile. Its slim, lightweight body makes it easy to travel with and mount virtually anywhere. Its powerful yet compact power supply supports up to 36W of continuous output, and with its auto-sensing current-shifting capacitors, it maintains a constant output regardless of input changes. The light also features a built-in LCD panel that displays all the pertinent information in an easy-to-navigate menu, allowing users to quickly adjust the settings.

The CS15 is available in a range of styles, configurations and kits. It comes in both black and white versions, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their aesthetic. When purchased as a kit, it includes a variety of accessory items such as a weather-resistant softbox, Honeycomb Louver, AC Adapter with US plug, carrying bag, and both 5500K and 3200K LED bulbs. The kit also comes with a wireless radio remote, allowing for remote control of up to four CS15’s.

The Aputure Electro Storm CS15 RGB LED Monolight is an excellent choice for any photographer needing versatile, powerful lighting options. Its numerous settings, designs, configurations and kits make it a great tool for a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography in all types of conditions, and will light any subject in stunning clarity and color.

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