Unlock Creative Potential with the JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder

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JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder

JVC GY-HC900C20 is a premium 2/3″ HD camera that comes with a powerful 20x zoom lens. It is the world’s first connected camcorder designed specifically for live streaming applications. Equipped with advanced features and functions, this camcorder delivers exceptional performance and flexibility in challenging production scenarios for broadcast, corporate, and digital media markets.


The GY-HC900C20 has three high-quality HD streaming styles with different data streams. There is SDI streaming, IP streaming, and HDMI streaming. You can configure both the camera and the encoder to provide different styles depending on the production situation. This camcorder also features an optional built-in Webcam feature for streaming directly from a connected laptop, no external encoder needed.


The GY-HC900C20 offers a wide range of configuration possibilities. The camcorder comes with various downloadable plug-ins such as eCinema, Adaptive Streaming, Advanced Presets, and HDR Control. These plug-ins provide expandable functionality and easy operation when shooting in various conditions with varied light settings.


The JVC GY-HC900C20 is a powerful 2/3″ HD camera with a 20x zoom lens. It is designed for live streaming applications and features a range of styles and configurations that can be tailored to almost any production scenario. This camcorder has advanced features and delivers excellent performance and flexibility for any type of broadcast, corporate, or digital media production.

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