Unique Gift Options for Photographers

Photographic Gift Ideas for Your Shutterbug

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Photographic Gift Ideas for Your Shutterbug

Do you know a shutterbug – a photo enthusiast who loves capturing the perfect shot? If so, what better way to surprise them than with a thoughtful, photographic-themed gift? The following are a variety of photo-related gifts you can give to your shutterbug that will make them instantly snap to attention:

Camera Drone

What photographer can resist the appeal of a camera-equipped drone that will allow them to take aerial photography to the next level? Drones these days are no longer purely a luxury item. Many come with accessible price tags, decent flight times, good image resolutions and are packed with features designed to help shutterbugs capture the perfect shot.

Digital Camera

If you don’t mind splurging, why not get your shutterbug an upgrade to their digital camera? Choose from among the latest entry-level DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and even film cameras. Some of these can even be connected to the shutterbug’s smartphone or laptop for wireless image transfer to social networks and the web.

Photo Printer

A growing trend in photography is the ability to print and display one’s photos directly from the camera. What better way to do that than with a quality photo printer? From full-running printing machines to small and cost-effective portable printers, there’s a whole range of options available. Many of these, if paired with the right smartphone app, can even turn your photos into books, cards, and other customised items.

Camera Case

Protecting one’s camera gear is essential, and a quality camera case can help with that. Look for cases which are specifically designed for a range of different camera models. Good camera cases should come with features such as weather and shock-proofing, compartments for accessories and batteries, foam to cushion the camera and lens, and straps to keep the case secured.

Memory Cards

Every shutterbug needs plenty of onboard storage for all their photos. Memory cards are essential for this and a great gift idea. Choose from among a range of sizes and speeds, depending on the photography needs of your shutterbug. Also, consider how durable and weather-proof the card is to ensure that it can take the rigours of travel and outdoor photography.

Portfolio Book

What better way is there to show off one’s latest work than with a dedicated portfolio book? Choose from among hardcover, digital, and flipbook styles. With these, your shutterbug can compile their favourite images to show friends and even put them up for sale in traditional and online outlets.


Whether you want to encourage your shutterbug to explore new ways of photography or simply provide them with tools to help them capture the perfect shot, there are plenty of great photographic gifts out there. From cameras, drones, and memory cards to portfolio books and cases, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the photographer in your life.

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