Uncovering the Path to Authenticity: An Interview with Award-Winning Photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice

Intimacy & Access with Athletes & Celebrities, with Deanne Fitzmaurice

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Intimacy and Access with Athletes and Celebrities

“Intimacy and access to athletes and celebrities come down to trust,” says renowned photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice. Known for her work in the sports and entertainment industry, Fitzmaurice takes a unique approach to the way she works, creating relationships that allow her to capture the most compelling images.

Fitzmaurice’s award-winning career began in the early 1990s. “I was hired to cover a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for the San Francisco Examiner.” Versed in the craft of storytelling, Fitzmaurice has gained a reputation for her in-depth photos, known as ‘intimate documentary’.

The Right Questions

“As a journalist, I’ve asked the right questions, so that there is a deeper story behind the images.” Aware of the need for trust between her and her subject, Fitzmaurice pays close attention to the needs of her subject. “I am aware of people’s personal space, and I treat everyone like I would want to be treated” said Fitzmaurice.

Staying Connected

Fitzmaurice attributes her success to her willingness to stay connected with her subjects. “I keep in touch with them over the years, sometimes over a decade” said Fitzmaurice. Her involvement in the sports and entertainment industry allows her to explore the connections and stories of the people she covers.

Giving Voice

Fitzmaurice’s photos are thought-provoking and tell a story, giving a voice to a deep, universal human experience. “My goal is for people to really connect with the images and have their own story about them.” This connection results in visceral images that evoke emotion and compel the viewer to emotionally engage with the subject.

Trust is key to achieving the deep connection and story that Fitzmaurice desires when photographing athletes and celebrities. Through understanding the needs of her subject and fostering a bond of trust, Fitzmaurice is able to create intimate, extraordinary photos.

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