UDO Audio Synthesizers Now Available at B&H!

B&H Welcomes UDO Audio Synthesizers

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B&H Welcomes UDO Audio Synthesizers

B&H is proud to offer the full range of UDO Audio Synthesizers. UDO Audio has an impressive pedigree: their synthesizers feature top-notch design, construction and component quality that come together to provide a powerful, yet easy-to-use sound engine. Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or a curious novice, UDO Audio has something to offer.

The UDO Super 6 and Super 6+ are a “must-have” for their approachable design and strong sound design. Every element is designed to be accessible and usable, from the 25 pressure-sensitive encoders, all with LEDs beneath them to make them back-lit, to the touchpad located in the center of the unit. This intuitive layout makes it easy to find the controls you need, so you can start making music immediately.

The UDO Carbon and UDO Carbon+ offer a huge range of creative possibilities. The Carbon model is based on UDO Audio’s classic polyphonic synth engine, offering two oscillators and two envelopes at an affordable price. The Carbon+ model takes things one step further with the addition of an expanded filter section, dual effects processors, and a 32-step sequencer. Both models are fully MIDI-Extra compatible for all your sequencing needs.

The latest addition to the UDO Audio family is the UDO Discovery. This powerful six-voice, dual-oscillator synthesizer is aimed at those new to the synth world as well as veteran sound designers. It comes complete with 12 filter types, modulation and effects sections, and a back-lit full-sized keyboard making it a great choice for both studio productions and live performance.

Bring your music to life with UDO Audio Synthesizers – now available at B&H. With an emphasis on design, quality, and creativity, UDO Audio Synthesizers are the perfect way to get started or enhance your sound-scapes. Stop by B&H now and get the power of UDO Audio Synthesizers.

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