Transport Your Sony PXW-Z280 Camera with the VTK-Z280 Kit from B&H

Sony All-in-One PXW-Z280 Camera Transport Kit VTK-Z280 B&H Photo

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Sony All-in-One PXW-Z280 Camera Transport Kit VTK-Z280

Studio-Ready Solution for Professional Shooting

For professional video makers who need the complete studio package, Sony All-in-One PXW-Z280 Camera Transport Kit VTK-Z280 from B&H Photo is the perfect solution. This kit comes with everything you need to capture your next project, from the PXW-Z280 4K camcorder to the three lens kit, the shoulder-mounted rig, as well as the lens hoods, filters, mic, battery, backpack and more. The whole set is designed to be portable and lightweight, so you can easily transport it from one location to another.

A Powerful Camcorder for Professional Use

The centerpiece of the kit is the Sony PXW-Z280, a camcorder with advanced image-capturing capabilities. It has three 1.0″ Exmor R CMOS sensors and 20x optical zoom lens, so you can easily frame and take stunningly sharp, vibrant and color-accurate shots. The camcorder also supports multiple recording formats, so you can easily capture footage in 4K, HD, SD, and Proxy formats, and export it to various digital formats for further processing and editing.

Complements for The Camcorder

The three lens kit provides you with the flexibility to take wide shots, close ups, and distant shots. It also features three-ring filter system, so you can customize your shots with different filter and lens hood combinations. The kit also includes a shoulder-mounted, adjustable tripod, a shotgun mic, large batteries, a charger, and a laptop backpack.

Everything You Need in One Package

Sony All-in-One PXW-Z280 Camera Transport Kit VTK-Z280 from B&H Photo offers a complete package that you can use for professional filming. With its complete set of features, light weight design, and easy portability, the kit ensures that you’re ready to capture your next project and get amazing results

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