Total Package: Z CAM E2 Camera with Atomos Ninja V+, Power Kit & Monitor Mount

Z CAM E2 Camera with Atomos Ninja V+, Power Kit, Monitor Mount,

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An Overview Of The Z CAM E2 Camera With Atomos Ninja V+, Power Kit, Monitor Mount

The Z CAM E2 Camera is a powerful and versatile tool that provides filmmakers with an all-in-one solution. This camera boasts a combination of features that include a super 35-inch CMOS sensor, 10-bit 4K recording capability, a range of interchangeable lenses, and 12-bit raw capture. To enhance the E2’s capabilities even further, Atomos Ninja V+ Power Kit, Monitor Mount, and other accessories can be added to the package, allowing users to customize the device to their specific filming needs.

What The Atomos Ninja V+ Power Kit Offers

The Atomos Ninja V+ Power Kit is specifically designed to work with the Z CAM E2 Camera. It provides a professional signal conversion solution for sustained recording of high-frame rates, making it the perfect companion for the E2. Additionally, it serves as an intuitive video monitor with a powerful 3,000 nit, 5-inch screen, downloadable LUTs, and 10-bit ProRes and DNx recording capability.

Why A Monitor Mount Is Necessary

Adding a monitor mount to the Atomos Ninja V+ Power Kit provides filmmakers with a way to capture more accurate motion control shots. It allows users to easily attach their monitor to any DSLR or camera-rig setup, enabling them to more precisely track the angle, direction, and motion of the camera while shooting. This precise control is especially beneficial for capturing smooth, cinematic-style footage, making a monitor mount an essential part of any professional filmmaker’s toolkit.

In Conclusion

The Z CAM E2 Camera, Atomos Ninja V+ Power Kit, and Monitor Mount make for an excellent combination for filmmakers looking for an all-in-one solution. The E2 offers an impressive range of features and recording capabilities, while the Power Kit and Mount give users the ability to customize their setup to fit their shooting style. Together, these three components provide professional filmmakers with a powerful, comprehensive, and versatile filmmaking system.

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